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    Hanging It Up

    I've been told by some legal "wizard" on another site that by compiling playlists, we are infringing on Disney's intellectual property. Thus, I think it's time we closed up shop and went home.
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    Star Wars Weekends [2011]

    I will be moving information regarding Star Wars Weekends from my blog to the main forums. I'm starting off with playlists for the Main Entrance and Hollywood Boulevard loops. As stated elsewhere in the forums, most of the playlists that THX99 and I put together from my previous recordings...
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    Destination D: WDW 40th

    Although the agenda looks promising, I find the D23 events to be hit or miss so my expectations are rather low. The highlight for me begins on Sunday at 8:15pm. Are any other members going to this?
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    Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

    So this is a complete long shot, but has anyone ever tried to determine the playlist of songs used before the Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends show started? I have four ALD recordings of the show which includes, in various stages of a full recording, four different songs. In addition, once...
  5. Horizons Logo Merchandise

    When should I expect a shirt with the new logo?
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    Star Wars Weekends [2009]

    Thanks to @thx99 for helping me compile the playlists as well as expanding my knowledge of Star Wars music in general, by answering my (many) questions with detailed responses. Unless otherwise stated, all selections can be found on the CD The Music of Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection...
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    Sunset Boulevard Area Music

    Loop runs 57:23 The loop plays at the start of Hollywood Boulevard and ends by the Tower of Terror, which has its own area music. The reconstruction in general circulation, running 52:15, is not correct, including the use of incorrect versions of songs. I may attempt to identify the source CDs...
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    What Music Do You Listen To?

    It's been slow on the boards lately, so I thought a good topic to discuss is what music, apart from theme park related music, do you listen to. We've briefly talked about how collecting theme park audio has opened up new genres that one may not have listened to otherwise (Bluegrass anyone...
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    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Safety Spiel

    The current safety spiel runs 0:30 and is different than the version that was released on the Disneyland Forever CDs. I believe the announcement is made by Dallas McKennon. Howdy Partners. For your safety, remain seated with your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the train and be sure to watch...
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    Journey into Imagination with Figment

    Who doesn't love this attraction? :lol: Something that's been on my to do list for some time was comparing the music played in the queue and in the ImageWorks. After spending a couple of hours in Imagination, I can report the queue music and the ImageWorks BGM's are the same, and come in at a...
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    Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Pre-show Music [2004]

    The pre-show loop runs approximately 30 minutes (28:57 on the night I recorded it). The playlist below is the "normal" track listing which can be extended, by including additional songs, on those nights technical difficulties arise. In addition, while I have noted in which songs the pre-show...
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    Main Street USA - Christmas BGM

    For years, I've heard that the WDW MSUSA Christmas loop was the same as the loop used in Disneyland, a copy of which, running 61:09, is in general circulation. A playlist for the DL loop can be found here. I ended up with a partial recording last year and, from what I could tell, the WDW version...
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    MNSSHP - Liberty Square Sounds

    I've attached 36 seconds of sounds from the Liberty Square loop used at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Can anyone identify the organ music, and whether it's used in any Haunted Mansion attraction outside of WDW? It sounds familiar to me, but that may be because I've been listening to...
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    Questions on OA Tracks and Other Tidbits

    I have questions on a few of the tracks that were released on the OA's over the past several years. I was hoping someone may know the answers to these questions: - Where in the attraction is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Theme used? I originally thought this music was used at the exit...
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    Disney's Villains Mix and Mingle

    Two versions of Disney's Villains Mix and Mingle are used at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. The normal version runs 7:48 and usually plays except for the show at 9:00pm. Because Hallowishes follows at 9:30, the Villains do not come out to mingle after the show (the alternate show runs...
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    Magic Kingdom Main Entrance/TTC Area Music

    The current loop, installed in 2005, runs 54:19. This loop plays at the Entrance to the Magic Kingdom and at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). From what I can tell, three different loops have been used in this area. A reconstruction of the previous loop (loop II) is in general...
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    Mickey's Toontown Fair Area Music

    Loop runs 54:07. The loop plays in all of the common areas around Mickey's Toontown Fair. Of the 19 tracks that were released on WDWF, only 10 are included in the loop, two of which are repeated. The loop includes 7 non-WDWF tracks. Here is the playlist I've come up with so far. All WDWF...
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    Minnie's Country House

    * * D R A F T * * Two pieces of audio play in Minnie's Country House, which is located in Mickey's Toontown Fair. Minnie's Answering Machine Outgoing Greeting (Plays before each message) Hi, this is Minnie Mouse. I have so many errands to run I might be out all day. Please leave me a message...
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    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Area Music Loops [2005 - Present]

    Here is the information I have gathered so far regarding the area music loops used at the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. The loops have been in use since 2005. Each loop contains one track from Mickey's Boo to You Halloween Parade, which is the first track in the loop. For example, the...
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    Mad Tea Party

    Loop runs 6:23 The loop can be heard all around the perimeter of the attraction, by the Enchanted Grove, and in the restrooms next to the Enchanted Grove. As far as I can tell, the loop is also used as the attraction music, as the tea cups are spinning, but more observation is needed to confirm...