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    Ollie Johnston Passes Away...A Sad Say for Disney Fans

    Ollie Johnston passes away...a sad day for Disney fans from We've another bit of sad news to report, I'm afraid. We've today seen the end of an era in film. Animation legend Ollie Johnston has passed away. He was 95. Perhaps the best thing that can be said today is that...
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    Classic Disney shows to be offered on the internet

    from the New York Times/ Bloomberg News [Hey, Randy, any news on what may be offered?] Disney to Offer Some Vintage TV Series on Its Web Site By BLOOMBERG NEWS Published: March 7, 2008 The Walt Disney Company will begin showing its classic television shows on the Internet, its chief...
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    Polynesian Luau and Hoop Dee Do

    Hi, all, My sister just came back from WDW, and fell in love with the above events. Is there any audio floating around of either show. i know they are partially live and partialy canned, so I don't know if anything is out there. Thanks, Adrian
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    Early Disney Movie Music - with a British Flair

    I just saw this link at It is a sight with mp3's of British Dance Orchestras or "sweet bands" from the 30's and 40's, all tracks arrangements from Disney features, and an 8 min Silly Symphonies suite. Adrian Early...
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    More Hope for Song Of The South

    Hi, all, Here is a link to an online article about Roy Disney's appearance this past weekend at the 16th Philadelphia Film Festival. This centers on a possible release of SOTS on DVD. Adrian
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    Disney's Lost Chords

    Hi, all, Jerry Beck's Cartoon Brew website has an article on a new book called DISNEY'S LOST CHORDS, which looks at 77 songs that were written for Disney animated and live action films, but never used. It says that it includes the...
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    Old Kiddie Records.

    Hi, all, While not directly Disney related, other than some shared story adaptations or Disney story records not on the Disneyland Records label, I just found a sight that posts a new 34's to 50's Childrens recording online about once a week for streaming and some downloads. The address is...
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    Roy Disney in Philadelphia...updated info

    Hi, all, Here is much more current info on the Disney events at the 16th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival, run by the people who are my bosses at TLA Video in Philly. I've split it in two, because it is too long for one posting. Adrian ======== INSPIRATION AWARD...
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    Not a DVD, But a New WALT DISNEY TREASURES, Nonetheless

    Not a DVD, but a new WALT DISNEY TREASURES , nonetheless Hi, all, I haven't heard of the latest DVD Treasure releases this year yet [I havent' read the posts on this board recently, so the info could be here, and I missed it], but has a report in the August 7th blog entry...
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    Mouse Tracks!!!

    Hi, all, I thought that you might like to see this. I found it on a great new website/blog . He had some nice info on the book, as well as a lot of other great info on other animated efforts. He also reports a website going live soon, tied to the book...
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    The rabbit come home to Disney

    As part of the compensation for releasing Al Michaels from his contract, in order to broadcast football with John Madden for NBC Universal, Disney has regained the rights to OSWALD, THE LUCKY RABBIT, the predecessor to Mickey Mouse. Walt had done about 26 Oswald cartoons for Universal Pictures...
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    History Channel DVD on Disney World

    Hey, there, I don't know if anyone has posted this info yet, but is reporting that the History Channel's MODERN MARVELS release sked on 3/28 is the DISNEY WORLD episode, which I was able to see this past weekend. The full details are here...
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    A little off the music topic: Disney Insider Yearbook

    This may be on here earlier, but I just received an e-mail from Disney with a link to a Disney Insider Yearbook 2005 that looks like it ould be nice. Adrian
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    Disney Treasures wave 5 title info The link above will take you to a brief paragraph listing the titles and release date for the next wave of Disney Treasures, as well as cover box art for four of them. Make sure you scroll to 8.17.05 for the info. Adrian Here's a little tease for you...
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    Daily Variety plans Disneyland 50th Commemorative issue

    Hey, now... The above issue will be published 4/29/05. I don't know if Daily Variety is distributed all over the country, except by mail, but NY and LA areas should see newsstand distribution, and you can always check with your favorite magazine stockist to see if they can order it for you...
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    Mary Poppins London Cast CD

    The first post went screwy, so here it is again Here is the track listing and news of the MARY POPPINS LONDON CAST ALBUM You'll notice some radical revisions done to accomodate the new songs: *JOLLY HOLIDAY is separated from SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIUS, and comes before SPOONFUL OF...
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    Mary Poppins London Cast Album

    Here is the track listing and news of the MARY POPPINS LONDON CAST ALBUM You'll notice some radical revisions done to accomodate the new songs: JOLLY HOLIDAY is separated from SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIUS, and comes before SPOONFUL OF SUGAR CHIM CHIM CHEREE is separated from STEP IN...
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    Disney Movie Club exclusives The above link is to a story about Disney Movie Club releasing exclusive live action Disney titles. This has the first three listed, though only one of them, WILD HEARTS CAN'T BE BROKEN is of any interest to me,. Unfortunately, the true...
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    Duke Ellington Plays The Score From Mary Poppins

    This was just reissued today. I haven't heard it yet. It is from Collectable Records, out of suburban Philadelphia. Their website is , but they should be available at retail. Adrian Plays With The Original Motion Picture Score From Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins" by Duke...
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    New Disneyland DVD?

    This is posted on the website. It is about the July 12th release of 4 DVD's including one dealing with Disneyland. July 12th brings a variety of Disney titles we're hearing about for the first time, including the low-priced compilation discs The Best of the Original...