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    The Function of Music

    I recently returned from three nights at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park and one thing that struck me was how well the Wilderness Lodge compares to the real thing: the public rooms are magnificent and the guest rooms are small and expensive. But the one major difference inside...
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    Music Trading?

    I've noticed a number of posts discussing file trading and being new here, I wonder if I've missed important information. I know of some major on-line sources of Disney music (a.b.m.d., #disney-central, and even Rev Corey's ftp site) and I have been very fortunate using WinMX for p2p but I...
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    Frontierland Shooting Gallery BGM

    I found this listing in the archives. Can anyone help complete this? 01 - Ghost Riders In The Sky 02 - Pecos Bill - Roy Rogers & The Sons of Pioneers 03 - Unknown 04 - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly 05 - Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Roy Rogers 06 - Unknown 07 - Unknown 08 - Unknown 09 - The...
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    Wilderness Lodge Background Music

    OK. Bela Fleck got no response. Let's try this: There appears to be a problem with the list of tracks supposedly being played at the Wilderness Lodge. I realize that what is generally being posted is simply what Guest Services provided but still . . . For example, there is no track entitled...
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    Bele Fleck and the Flecktones???

    Someone posted "True North" by Fleck on usenet as being part of the BGM at the Wilderness Lodge. Other lists have Roccisano's "Earth Day" and Fissel's "Prairie Nights." These three are a bit of a departure from the other items on the lists. My question: Has anyone actually heard any of these...