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    Spamy Spamy Spam Spam Spam

    After 12 years, the spammers have finally come for us! Thanks to those who alerted me to this situation. I've deleted the messages so far but I imagine there's more to come. Here's what I'm thinking... - I'll start giving folks moderator privileges to delete offending posts. I've started...
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    Your Help Needed Beta Testing

    Hi Magic Music fans! Yesterday I soft-launched my new social networking site for Disney fans and would like to ask my friends from the Magical Music of the Mouse to help me beta test it! I will be officially launching the site at MouseFest in two weeks. So sign up, create your profile and...
  3. T at MouseFest 2007

    I'm happy to announce that in celebration of the 10th anniversary of this site, I'll be attending MouseFest this year and will have a table at the Mega Mouse Meet on Saturday, December 8. In addition, at MouseFest I'll be launching my new site,! (Visit for more...
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    Back up and running

    The forum has been down for almost two weeks due to upgrades by my ISP. Time sure does fly... The forum software hadn't been updated for over 5 years. I had to perform 4 upgrades to get to the latest version. The red Mickey theme doesn't work with this version, so I may just leave it with...
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    Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

    I've just finished reading this amazingly insightful book! It's an absolute must for anyone who grew up listening to Disney records. I've added information about the book linked from the home page of the site. Trent Schwartz Webmaster, The Magical Music of the Mouse
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    Disney's Princess Christmas Album - Read Our Interview

    Looking for that last minute stocking stuffer for the Princess Fanatic in your family? We recently had the opportunity to interview Don Grady, composer of many of the songs on this new release (as well as former Mouseketeer). Read what he had to say here...
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    Jim Brickman: The Disney Songbook - Read Our Interview

    Today, Walt Disney Records releases: Jim Brickman, The Disney Songbook. We recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Brickman about his new album. Read what he had to say here: Trent
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    Contest Winner!

    Congratulations go to dizneydomenic the winner of the Happiest Music on Earth, Part 2! dizneydomenic receives a copy of the "50 Years: A Musical History of Disneyland" Box Set, a signed copy of Julie Andrews Selects Her Favorite Disney Songs and the first-ever CD release of the Walt Disney...
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    Contest Entry Reminder

    It looks like everyone who enters will get a shot at the prize... Even if you already have a copy of the CD set, the autographed Julie Andrews CD is a great Disney music collectible. Entry deadline is Monday, October 3! Trent
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    New Dapper Dans Live! CD

    Just returned from a trip to Disneyland (which I took a detour for on the way to a business trip to Vegas). This was my fourth trip to Disneyland but "WOW" what a difference. The last three times I've left somewhat disappointed for various reasons. But this time was so different... I was...
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    NEW CONTEST: The Happiest Music on Earth, PART 2

    I'm pleased to announce that The Magical Music of the Mouse is hosting a new contest to herald the National release of "50 Years: A Musical History of Disneyland." The Grand Prize winner will receive a copy of the elaborate 6-CD box set plus an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Julie Andrews Selects Her...
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    Here is the Link to Buy: "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    "50 Years: A Musical History of Disneyland" is now available for sale at! Order soon to guarantee yourself the Limited Edition version and to receive FREE Shipping. The Free Shipping promotion ends at midnight on Friday. Here is the link...
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    Order Early from Disney Direct for A Musical History of Disneyland

    If you were not lucky enough to win "The Happiest Music on Earth" contest, keep watching for the set to go on sale at As there are just 5000 copies of the Limited Edition box set: "50 Years: A Musical History of Disneyland," you may want to secure your copy quickly...
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    Contest Winners have been posted!

    CONGRATULATIONS to our three winners. View the winners, the Top 50 entries, and the runner-up entries here:
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    Artwork for new Disneyland / Walt Disney World releases

    Artwork courtesy of Walt Disney Records: Cover of "A Musical History of Disneyland" Overview of "A Musical History of Disneyland" Click to view much larger image: Disneyland Official Album: The Happiest Homecoming on Earth Walt Disney World...
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    Track Listings for NEW Disneyland / Walt Disney World albums

    The Happiest Music on Earth, PART 2 has been launched so I'll make this thread sticky again for the time being. As a quick reference, here are complete track listings for: "A Musical History of Disneyland," "The Official Album of the Disneyland Resort," and "The Official Album of the Walt...
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    The Happiest Music on Earth Contest

    I'm pleased to announce that The Magical Music of the Mouse is hosting a contest to win an autographed, advance copy of the upcoming "Musical History of Disneyland" box set as well as the new Disneyland and Walt Disney World Official Albums. For more details on how to take part, please visit...
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    OT: Petition to bring back BeaverTails to Epcot

    As you may have heard, the Canada pavillion at Epcot has stopped selling BeaverTails pastries due to poor sales. At one time, BeaverTails were immensely popular at Disney but interest has declined since they changed to a "reheated" product in 2000 and began closing the booth during the day after...
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    Ability to count posts on old board

    In honor of Sharon's 1000th post, she has now been added to a special group I've created: "Maestro". The Boom designation still applies, so she can now be referred to as Maestro Boom. I've also designated Randy as a Maestro. According to Microsoft Word, synonyms for maestro are: genious...
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    Suggestions for additional Member group names?

    So I see that we have some members on the site with hundreds of posts! Awesome... Currently the software is set to automatically group players based on the following settings... New -> Earning my Ears 10 posts -> Toot 50 posts -> Whistle 100 posts -> Plunk 250 posts -> Boom I'd like to...