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    MOUSE TRACKS Cover Unveiled

    Tim - I think the cover is great! Chalk another wondeful book up for the King of the Southern Roadside!!!
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    OT: Joker's Wild

    I was a contestant on the kid's version of Joker's Wild in the early 80s - it was called "Joker Joker Joker"... I'm still trying to get a video taped copy of it. Believe it or not - there are groups of Game Show video tape collectors just as obsessed as we are - but sadly, none of them have...
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    For DL Flight 295....

    Here ya go! Hope your credit cards are at the ready!
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    OT: Disneyland's 50th Merchandise - Catalog & Internet only!

    Hi all - You may enjoy part one of this two-part article on Disneyland's 50th Merchandise... You can view it here at: The strange thing is - these items are the best I've ever seen - but will be available through Catalog &...
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    Tower of Terror PRESHOW and ONBOARD music MP3's!!!

    Looks like doesn't exist on your server, Rick... Any chance you want to re-upload it? Or is it geocities shutting down downloads from your site (they do that sometimes...)
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    50th box set quality? any indications?

    GG's version really is the best one I've heard... Interesting that it takes a serious fan of the attraction to make an ideal version....!
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    Beware of Itunes.....

    Actually - it's quite easy to copy tracks back from your iPod to the desktop using this application: iPod Access is stable & easy to use - I've been using it for about a year & 1/2 now - after the same thing happened to me! I lost 20 gigs of...
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    OT: Petition to bring back BeaverTails to Epcot

    Obviously - they are made of Beaver's Tails..... Personally, I think it's a little cruel...
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    Library/Production Music

    Ummmmm - care to expand on that info, Mike?
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    New "E" Ticket Magazine out - early Haunted Mansion & Walt's Daughter...

    Well - we do PayPal on the site - it doesn't take that long to get it...
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    New "E" Ticket Magazine out - early Haunted Mansion & Walt's Daughter...

    Hey all - I just updated the "E" Ticket website. We have a new issue out - articles on the early version of the Haunted Mansion, and interview with Walt's daughter - Diane Disney Miller - and a tribute to co-founder Leon Janzen, who we will all miss.
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    Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Box Set?

    XS Tech - I am laughing so hard, milk is shooting out of my nose right now... We have a few posters like this on tikicentral as well...
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    Replacement cast recoridngs

    and what's with the Courtney Thorne Smith obsession...?
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    iPod and Disney music

    My iPod rules! I have about 2/3 of all my theme park music stored on it - really the best way to store & listen to large amounts of music... Stay away from the Sony & all those other mp3 players... You really can't do better than an iPod.
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    '64-'65 World's Fair tracks Questions

    I'd LOVE to hear a live recording of the 1964 version - it's supposedly Henry Ford, but I've never heard it. As far as transferring reel-to-reel, it's very doable - you just need a machine to transfer it to (unless he doesn't want it out there in the audio trading world)....
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    '64-'65 World's Fair tracks Questions

    Actually, the Ray Dashner tape has the Henry Ford intro only - with the Walt narration... I believe his recordings were done in 1965....
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    DL's Submarine Voyage Queue Music

    I remember it as the WDW BGM, but with a different, more scientific narrator.... Not Nemo - anyone else remember?
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    Another legend gone - Sam McKim passed away 7/9 :(

    I only aped his map drawing style - I certainly could never paint like him.....
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    OK - Tim nails it! Although, I really don't believe Tony B ripped it off from Six Flags - I think he just loves the Song Of The South characters.... With Victory Thru Air Power now out - why don't we have this on DVD????? They could get Maltin to do an intro explaining the cultural signifigance...
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    Your Holy Grail?

    It would have to be The Satellite View Of America/ Space Station X-1, The original "Tour of The West" Circarama show, & EPCOT's Cronkite version of Spaceship Earth, as well as a nice flow through of Horizons. Have the insrumental flow - but the dialogue & SFX mixed in would be nice. If You Had...