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    Playlist Blizzard Beach

    Hour One . . . Hour Six [See playlist above. —Admin]
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    Rivers of Light & Tree of Life Awakenings

    I happened across the digital Rivers of Light album on Amazon -- was surprised to see it. Can't wait to listen to it.
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    All That Brass! -- Tokyo DL and DS

    Thanks Mike! I'm also an oldtimer here :) and 15 years ago was certainly an exciting time for this site. I haven't been investing in Tokyo Disneyland CDs much these days as there are just so many of them! So I appreciate the recommendation on this one -- I'll pick it up for sure. T
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    Disneyland 60th CD Release (Legacy Collection)

    I just checked in to my old site here for the first time in weeks and am pleased to see it's just like old times with Randy chiming in on what we might be able to look forward to next. I've been collecting every release in the Legacy series hoping that every little bit will keep it going. Some...
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    WDR Update 2010

    Hmmmm... ideas for Magic Kingdom projects... how about the original music to the Electrical Water Pageant that has played on the Seven Seas Lagoon in front of the Magic Kingdom every night for going on 40 years now? Just across Bay Lake from MK is the longest running show in history -- the...
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    WDR Update 2010

    Hey Randy, thanks for the news! I was just going to try to contact you to see what's up but thought I'd check here first... sure enough, you're here giving an update. Randy, do you know if Amazon will start carrying the other vintage titles that are on iTunes only right now? There are some I...
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    A Tale of Two Christmas CDs

    I inquired about this a few years after the dual releases. My understanding is that Christmas Around Our World was released as the first in a planned series of Disney Parks CDs by Disney Magic Productions. But I think that WDR found out about this release and because they have first rights for...
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    The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion

    Randy, this sounds really awesome. Can't wait for this disc! It too was a favourite album of mine as a kid. I remember you showing me the artwork you had stashed away ... great to hear that I'll be able to print it out. But the first question that came to mind was ... how big will I be able...
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    Revised "Canada" Area Music

    I worked at the Canada pavilion in 1997/1998. The half hour loop was played outside and the indoor loop was played in Le Cellier and Les Boutique des Province (the store above Le Cellier). In spring 1997, when Le Cellier changed from Buffeteria to the test concept for the steakhouse, the...
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    Spamy Spamy Spam Spam Spam

    Okay moderators now have the ability to remove accounts. Trent
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    Spamy Spamy Spam Spam Spam

    Will removing the accounts really make a difference? My thought is that once they've spammed here once they aren't going to come back with the same username -- they just aren't programmed to do that. But that's just a guess. I see if I can give the moderators ability to delete accounts.
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    Spamy Spamy Spam Spam Spam

    After 12 years, the spammers have finally come for us! Thanks to those who alerted me to this situation. I've deleted the messages so far but I imagine there's more to come. Here's what I'm thinking... - I'll start giving folks moderator privileges to delete offending posts. I've started...
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    Kids of the Kingdom Disneyland LP Question

    Randy, might this album be a candidate for iTunes? LOVE the Kids of the Kingdom! (sorry Bill)
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    The WHY Series - Episode I

    Oh, so you DID try to make it happen? And here I thought you had forgotten or didn't think El Rio deserved to be featured on CD. 8) Okay, so now I'm just waiting for you to work with WDW Entertainment on that Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue CD (or at least a track?) for it's 35th anniversary next year...
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    A Musical History of Disneyland - IMPORTANT NEWS!!

    I thought that this was the announcement for "A Musical History of Walt Disney World" 10 CD set. :(
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    Yellowstone Cubs

    Hi Tom, I don't have an answer to your primary question but thought I'd pipe in that this site is run by a Canadian -- me! I'm in Oakville, Ontario. Trent
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    Disneyland Secrets, Stories and Magic

    Uhm well, ha ha... not a huge pin collector. But I like trading with CMs a bit at Disney World when I find they have a "good pin". It's like getting something for nothing with is such a Disney rarity. I'm a DVC member and have some of the pins in the collection but wouldn't mind completing...
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    Disneyland Secrets, Stories and Magic

    For those who have purchased the Donald or Oswald Treasures discs, Pirates (2 or 3) or Meet the Robinsons... If you're not using the Disney Movie Rewards code found on the insert inside the case would you be kind enough to share your code with me? I need 3 more codes in order to get a DVC pin...
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    Your Help Needed Beta Testing

    Great to see you back Sharon! You should stick around -- I miss the banter back and forth between you and Bill.
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    Your Help Needed Beta Testing

    Hi Magic Music fans! Yesterday I soft-launched my new social networking site for Disney fans and would like to ask my friends from the Magical Music of the Mouse to help me beta test it! I will be officially launching the site at MouseFest in two weeks. So sign up, create your profile and...