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    The Fab Four brings tomorrowland alive

    Having seen the Fab Four many times they are great. My friend is playing at the UK pavilion (first on on guitar). He's been doing that gig now going on 8 or 9 years. The California Project was made available on Telarc records in the mid 80's on the cusp of the CD revolution. I...
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    Wonderland Music Company is at WDW!!!!!

    I got those disks when i was at DL last year. very nostalgic. Great restore job.
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    Tomorrowland People Mover/Subtractive Synthesis record

    First of all Happy New Year to all. Sorry i have been out of the loop for a while. Hope everyone had a nice holiday. My wife got me a rather interesting present for Xmas this year (knowing my obsession with Tomorrowland). A record entitled "Tomorrowland: People Mover / Subtractive Synthesis"...
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    Sonny Eclipse?

    If anyone is looking for a copy of Sonny, I made a homegrown a few years back. it's pretty darn good. it has ben floating around. feel free to ask. Keith Droz
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    music exchange

    i agree trent. while the idea has merit we certainly would not want to bogg down your board with exchanges. that would not be fair to those who have no desire to participate. if anyone has any ideas i'm all ears (bad pun). perhaps another bulletin board or something like that. those of you who...
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    music exchange

    i have just about any format (cd, md, reel, 8 track, cassette, dat...etc). so i can certainly xfer anything to cd that anyone would need. 8) ;D :D
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    music exchange

    i'd be up for that. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    you are right. 2.76:1 would be a little rough on the eyes unless you have a widescreen tv. thanx for the correction. at least they gave it the ol' college try. ;D
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    Live 365 suspends stations

    this happens every so often. someone gets a bug up their patootie and they suspend those stations. then after a month or so things calm down. i wouldn't sweat it too much.
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    Pete's Dragon Soundtrack is Awesome!!!

    it looks like to me they just took the original Capitol LP and mastered it to cd. :- extras??? how chincy! :'( i'm sure it sounds good.
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    The Walt Disney Story is presented in it's original Apect ratio (about 2.35:1) ;D ;D
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    Peoplemover music?

    if anyone is interested i have all 7 tracks. i got them from an old reel to reel that a recording engineer friend had. god only knows where he got them from. i ran them through the wash as best as i could and viola! email me if interested. thanx ;D
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    Your Favorite Disney Villain Song

    darn.....i voted for gaston. but then i read the post about "money". that's a great song!!!!!!! 8)
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    Disney Bootlegs

    ok enough of this talk.....let's get back to the Monkees!!!! just kidding. call it what you will. you hafta admit it's interesting. i'm always on the prowl for "unreleased" (be it "promo", "pirate", "bootleg" or whatever) material. i guess that's what makes collecting fun (for me anyway). but...
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    Disney Bootlegs

    i suppose that it's a question of symantics but i gotta say that steve has brought up an interesting point. i suppose you can consider the xfers i've done "pirate". now if i massed produced them would they be considered "bootleg" ;D?
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    Disney Bootlegs

    would OST xfered from vinyl be considered "bootlegs"??? i just finished xfers of "Pete's Dragon", "Bedknobs & Broomsticks" (even though i know they are both due to be released sooner or later) and "Song of the South" . also i know this may sound picky...but i would not consider "out of print"...
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    Most Wanted Unreleased Animated Score

    it was a toss between Robin hood and Aristocats but somehow over the years i obtained most (if not all) of the OST to the Aristocats. so the obvious choice was Robin Hood (i'm such a sucker for Phil Harris). ;D
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    Favorite Old School Epcot Song

    Re:Best original EPCOT SONG One little Spark would hafta top my list. Bring back the dreamfinder!!!!! :(