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    The End of Wonderland CDs?

    Well, that would explain it then... I managed to slip in a two-day excursion to WDW while job-hunting in Kissimmee, and I went to the Magic Kingdom mostly to have a few Wonderland titles burned. But when I got there, there was an Out of Order sign posted. I was also told by a somewhat...
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    The Music Man

    Hi there, all! I have to agree with most of you. I thought it was okay.... and Kristin Chenoweth as Marian was awesome! But somehow it seemed a little lethargic to me. I like Matthew Broderick's different take on Harold Hill, but it seemed almost too understated. I was looking for a...
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    The best Disney feature score?

    For obvious reasons I'm partial to Lady and the Tramp. But honestly, I think Oliver Wallace is one of the most underappreciated Disney legends (I don't even know if he was honored as a Disney legend). His underscores for Dumbo, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland , Peter Pan and LATT, as well as...
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    Favorite Disney TV Cartoon Theme

    I voted for Rescue Rangers, because I can't get it out of my head!!! But I'd also nominate the theme song from the newest Disney toon, Kim Possible. Can't get that one out of my head either! Apparently there is nothing else in my head to prevent them from replaying ;D TTFN Thurman
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    Bedknobs and Broomsticks Soundtrack

    Sami, Except for the extra tracks, it's exactly the same as the old Buena Vista LP soundtrack. A little disappointing... I thought maybe the songs would be in the same order that they appeared in the film at least... but this is a minor point... especially since no version of either the...
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    Roadshow Happiest Millionaire Song Order?

    Hi, everyone... I'm really happy with my new Millionaire and Bedknobs soundtracks, but I am making cassette versions of each and want to put the songs in order, including the deleted ones. I know the right order for the Bedknobs songs, but I want to do the same with Millionaire. My...
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    Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Song?

    Great topic I'm a sucker for ballads, so most of my favorites are along those lines... "Little Drops of Rain" from Gay Purr-ee "Bright Eyes" from Watership Down "Mother Earth and Father Time" from Charlotte's Web "There's Always Tomorrow" from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer "Anyone Can Move A...
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    Soundtracks Coming Soon

    Randy, YOU'RE THE BEST!!! Thank you for everything you've done (and continue to do) to keep the Magic of Disney Music alive. I love all my Disney soundtrack CD's but I especially think of you whenever I put in my Lady and the Tramp soundtrack... I NEVER thought I'd own that one... And...
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    Dexter Riley film scores

    That Medfield High CD got me thinking.. why not combine some of Disney's live-action films into compilation CD's... like a Fantasy CD (themes and/or songs from the Love Bug movies, Gnome-Mobile, Darby O'Gill) .... Animal Heroes CD (themes or songs from Old Yeller, Big Red, Thomasina, Rascal...
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    good news part2

    Jessica, I'm hoping It Won't Be Long Til Christmas is also on the Millionaire soundtrack (with Greer Garson singing it), but on the chance that it isn't ... it is available on the Disney 75th Anniversary CD set Randy put together for the Disney Stores. A lady by the name of Anne Shelton...
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    Dexter Riley film scores

    You could even do a Medfield High CD, couldn't you? I'm pretty sure The Absent-Minded Professor and Son of Flubber were also set in Medfield High. Not as sure about the two Merlin Jones movies, but if they were, you'd have seven movies to pull from ;). TTFN, Thurman
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    good news part2

    And here I thought I'd be the one with the scoop. :) I've been checking Barnes and Noble everyday for the past two months to see if both Bedknobs and Millionaire were listed yet...and today was the day!!! (Makes sense ... exactly one month from release date). No track listings or cover...
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    Re:Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh CD

    You're probably right, Michael. I checked Amazon last night too and could have sworn I saw TWO listings for the Pooh CD... neither one with pictures, and only one with the read-along info. But tonight the pic is up and only one listing appears. Oh, bother Thurman :-
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    Disneyland Anniversay CD Box Set

    Wow, keep us dreaming! Any or all of the above posts would be great... I especially like the coffee table book/CD idea. What about some of the songs that were created for various TV specials... such as the one with Danny Kaye and Adam Rich that recently aired on Vault Disney? Whatever is...
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    Favorite Princesses' Songs

    Count one more vote for "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella .. although I would also vote for "Sing, Sweet Nightengale" from Cinderella too! Thurman
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    Most wanted Disney musical CD soundtrack

    Inspired by the imminent CD release of Pete's Dragon, here's another poll. Actually, I want all of these, but if I had to choose, it would be Bedknobs first! ;D What about you? Thurman
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    New Soundtrack Release Dates Confirmed!

    Sharon, I'm thinking Bop, Bop, Bop's omission is an oversight. It would be really ironic not to have it included since the cover art for the CD is the scene where that song is sung by Pete and Elliott ;) But if it is missing, at least we can hear it on Classic Disney 5. (Thanks, Paul)...
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    New Soundtrack Release Dates Confirmed!

    Sorry to post to my own post, but I just pulled my Pete's Dragon LP.... Bop, Bop, Bop (I Love You, Too) appears on what was Side 2, right after Brazzle Dazzle Day and before There's Room For Everyone, so it was included in the original vinyl pressing. Let's hope the original track listing...
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    Favorite Disney Love Song

    Okay, gang, time for a new poll...You can probably guess what my favorite song is ;), but I'd love to hear about yours, too. Thurman [Poll choices updated for 2009. —Admin]
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    New Soundtrack Release Dates Confirmed!

    David, Your memory of the order of the songs in Pete's Dragon seems to be in sync with mine ;) I too wish the songs were in the same order that they were in the film but I'm guessing legailities kept the cd from being rearranged from the older lp. It's odd about "I Love You Too"... I...