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    New music from Space Mountain-DLP!

    I actually found 4 snips of music from DLP's Space Mountain. There is another little clip in the "For Fun" section in the music section of his website. Happy Listening!
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    OT-Persistence of Vision-Where? Pt. 2

    I started thinking about this fine publilcation once again and then started thinking about the last time I saw a new issue. As we wind down the final days of 2003 I look at issue #10's date and it's 1998. Then, I started thinking about the last time I remember discussing this fine publication...
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    WONDERLAND MUSIC STORE reviews and news!!!

    Where can I find this uploaded version of the Tiki Room by GG? Thanks and Happy Listening
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    OT-Persistence of Vision

    Many of Disney Music lovers are also lovers of most anything Disney to some degree or another. I am such a person. I love the parks, the music, the films, etc...(just got back from a week in FL yesterday) which is why I am a subscriber to Paul Anderson's magazine "Persistence of Vision" I...
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    music exchange

    I would love to contribute! Let me know how. Happy Listening!
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    Most wanted Disney musical CD soundtrack

    I have/had a vinyl rip of Bedknobs somewhere so I would love to listen to Walts last film...The Happiest Millionare.
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    NEW Disney/Squaresoft Soundtrack out!

    Can someone tell me what the game is like?
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    Favorite Disney Love Song

    I always thought "I'm Wishing" and "Some Day My Prince Will Come" were very romantic and well done Disney songs
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    Disneyland Forever Question

    Is there a list of the obscure, rare, hard to find...tracks from Disneyland Forever. I am talking about the demos, short lived tracks, never "officially" released. I have heard rumors there are some of these floating around out there. Any truth to this?
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    Favorite Sites for Disney MP3's?

    Which site was Matt Orkin's?
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    Favorite Sites for Disney MP3's?

    Just wondering what everyones favorite web sites are for Disney MP3's? I love The Sound of Magic's site. Lots of great Disney park audio. I also check alt.binaries.disney.multimedia on a regular basis. Anyone else's input?
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    Sherman Bros. Park Music

    When I had originally asked this question, I had forgotten about the listing in the back of their book of park music they contributed. I do own the book. I got mine from a book signing they did for it in So. Cal. when it was first released. It always will be a treasured item in my library.
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    Sherman Bros. Park Music

    Randy- Many thanks for the response to my question. The Shermans have always been a favorite in my book. Happy Listening!
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    Sherman Bros. Park Music

    "One Little Spark" "Magic Journey's" "Makin Memories"
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    Sherman Bros. Park Music

    Is there a list of the park music composed by the Sherman Brothers?
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    Wilderness Lodge Loop

    Ryan- Wish I could help. I have 2 discs full of music from The Wilderness Lodge and I am missing those same two tracks as well. Let me know what you find. Gredo G.
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    Favorite Park for Music?

    I am interested in knowing what everyones choice would be for favorite park for music (Disneyland, DCA, Epcot, TDL, etc..) My choice is Epcot. I love the Spacey sounds from Future World and the different sounds from the World Showcase. Not to mention, the current Illuminations show is great!