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    Epcot Japan Tin Toy Stories

    Back when the gallery had the Tin Toy Stories exhibit a few years ago, I really enjoyed the music, especially one track in particular. While this is probably old news to the experts out there, I have found this track. It is by Japanese synth/ambient pioneer Tomita and called "Arabesque No...
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    Mickey's Toontown Fair Christmas Loop

    With Mickey's Toontown Fair in the MK sadly celebrating it's final Christmas, I was just wondering if anyone knew the playlist for the Christmas music loop and what CDs the tracks are from (when applicable)? Thanks in advance for any info, David
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    Pinocchio Village Haus

    You guys were extremely helpful in identifying the Out Of Africa track from The Land/GMR, so I thought I'd ask about one of my favorite tracks from the Pinocchio Village Haus loop. It starts off like one of the typical, festive, instrumental, Bavarian-sounding tracks, but then it gets even more...
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    Help with The Great Movie Ride/The Land Track

    There is a beautiful track with lush, swooping strings that I have heard in two different places in the parks: I have heard it both inside the lobby of the Chinese Theatre at the studios and ALSO in the food court area of The Land. I'd love to know the name of this track and what film it is...
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    Up Wins Oscar for Best Score!

    Now, can we finally get a CD release of the soundtrack? Please?
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    AK Discovery Island & Pocahontas Exit Music

    AK Discovery Island Tracks & Pocahontas exit music I'm not sure if this has come up before, but I had been wondering for a long time about the origin of one of my favorite AK tracks, from the Discovery Island loop. While surfing the disneymusicloops site, I found a link to the album on Amazon...
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    "Musical History of Disneyland" review posted at Mouse Planet
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    6 Disc Set and DelivEars Delay

    Has anyone who ordered their set from DelivEars actually heard anything positive yet about when they would DEFINITELY be shipped? I ordered my LE with gold vinyl bright and early during the first 5 minutes that orders were being taken by DelivEars - on Tuesday morning, May 3. While it was a...
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    "Musical History of Disneyland" review posted at Laughing Place
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    (OT) One of the most intelligent and beautiful things I've read about Disney

    Well done, Merlin Jones! :)
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    OT - Paul McCartney defends traditional animation

    I found this article very interesting. It turns out some of his favorites are the same as mine:;pageNumber=0
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    (OT) 2 Pinocchio sequels in the works... Also, check out Al Lutz's most recent column:
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    Excellent Oliver Wallace article
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    Roy and Stanley's remarks at Annual Meeting

    They were actually allowed to make their case at the WDC meeting and I've read they recieved a thunderous ovation! Below is a link to their comments:
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    Yet another twist - Disney to purchase Muppets
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    OT: Makeover!

    Just thought I'd pass this along... Roy Disney's site is all new and improved! Unlike many sites that get more colorful and flashier, the content itself has actually improved and is now much more thorough and in depth. I encourage everyone to read thoroughly through each section. I...
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    Pete's Dragon Soundtrack is Awesome!!!

    (SPOILER) I already listened to it twice, just driving around in my car. The first time, I listened to the songs in their film running order, then for my second listen I decided to try it in the CD order. "Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You Too)" is probably my favorite song from this film...
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    Theme Park Sing-Along on CD!!!

    Forgive me if this has come up before and I missed it - there were quite a few post I didn't get to read before the old board went down. While looking for the new soundtracks out today, I stumbled across the Theme Park Sing-Along on CD! At first, I thought it was the same thing I already had...
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    Poll: Favorite Audio-Animatronic Musical Revue

    Which classic original Audio-Animatronic Musical Revue-style show from the Disney theme parks would you most like to see oficially released as a soundtrack, in its entirety, on CD?
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    New Soundtrack Release Dates Confirmed!

    I just found the Pete's Dragon, The Rescuers Down Under, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit soundtracks all listed at as scheduled for an April 16 release! I could not find cover art or track listings anywhere as of yet, but we will know soon. The soundtracks will be out in just 22...