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    Liberty Square (Mickey's Very Merry Xmas Party) Loop

    I believe I found the source to the Liberty Square music during the party. I took a close listen (stupid me didn't do a reference reference recording :( ). The music has alotta resemblance to the Columbia Harbour House loop. The holiday music does however play from the start of the Liberty Tree...
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    Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

    I went to FINALLY experience the new Star Tours last night, quite amazing. I waited a good 40mins and the queue was wrapped around the Ewok Village/Forest queue to the right of the entrance. As I was waiting I expected to hear the Ewok loop that Horizons has mentioned before, guess what....The...
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    Music Used for Pirates of the Caribbean at WDW

    As I headed to POTC yesterday to start my shift, I did stop and hear the Unreleased Track u mentioned about, Horizons!! And I have come the the conclusion, that this track is indeed a rare one, its a custom track WDI had recorded at an orchestra and fitted into the loop to make people think it...
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    WDW Waterparks

    Does anyone have the track listings (Name of the song, and artists) for Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon!! I know they have like 4-6 loops each!! I read some on, but from experience, i know most of those loops on the site are inaccurate and wanna get the current, accurate...
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    Twister: Ride It Out Music Scores

    I just downloaded a torrent know as Twister: Original Score!! The music is every single solitary piece used in the film! Now what I need help with is.....I know most (if not ALL) the music is from the movie, but I need to know what music tracks are used throughout the attraction!! I need a live...
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    Rock N Roller Coaster BGM

    Ok, i know all the music used in this loop is all Aerosmith. What i wanna do is reconstruct the loop, considering i have ALL of Aerosmiths CD's and tracks. Can somone possibly send me a list of the songs played in the Queue BGM in the order they play in. Thanks.
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    Need Inductions!

    Need inductions !!!!!!!! Can someone do some inductions for me please, considering i live 4hrs from WDW and dont have a device to do with. I need the Splash Mountain Area Music Loop (the entire loop with all 26 tracks) Haunted Mansion Foyer Music (has a new 6 second fade-out ending) Haunted...
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    Splash Mountain WDW Queue Music

    Hey everyone, i have the 16 tracks from WDW's Splash Mountain Queue Music (from the WDW Forever tracklisting) and am now looking for 10 more. I think they are unreleased. If anyone has these, please email me at or IM me on AIM at Fishsnacher. I am trying to reconstruct the...