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    New Disney Albums on iTunes?

    i tunes? so does anyone know when the new itunes disney albums will hit or what they will be?
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    Horizons Demo

    demo question does anyone know who wrote reaching new horizon for epcots horizon that was never used, was just wondering if it was the sherman brothers?
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    wdw album qustion

    my folks are down at wdw and seem to can't find the offical album does anyone know where the best place to find it is and what the cover looks like? thanks in advance bb
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    new disney cd

    saw a new disney cd at crackel barrel last night was paet of there american music legends series, was all stuff thats been out before but cd has a nice cover of walt disney.
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    i tunes

    does anyone know when the next wave of classic disney albums will be hitting itunes?
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    happiest millionaire

    ok i know this is propbley wrong to ask but does anyone have the album count basie plays the happiest millionaire that they would be willing to shrare on the internet?
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    i tunes question

    are teh albums on there the only ones disney is gonna offer or are theer more coming in the new year cause when i heard it was coming to itunes i had my hopes up they would offer mre then that be nice to have a few pages of old disney albums like ther verve vault has? so if there are more coming...
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    disney cuties

    did anyone else get the disney cuties cd at target its an exclusive cd just at target its disney songs done in a techo music it's a small world, tiki room and others its the best disney cd they have done in awhile glad to see them doing something cool and somewhat orginal like the micky mouse...
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    OT world of disney in NYC

    Does anyone know if the world of disney store i new york has any of the park cd's? any help would be great going there this week-ned to visit family and wanna know if it's worth the stop
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    carousel of progress on the 50th cd question

    Anyone else notice the tape hiss or buzz when the mother talks on the carosel or prgress track or is it just me?
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    disneyland 6cd question?

    So i see at the park it will be avalible may 3rd but some of us who live on the east coast are windering when the 6cd set will be avalible to us.Would love th eone with the gold vinal but not in my budget to get to disneyland but wanna know when the none special editon 6cd set will be avalible...
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    Targert cd

    Did anyone else drop the 4.99 for the disney springtime favorites a target exclusive. 1. zip-a-dee-doo-dah comes peter cottontail your easter bonnet(easter parade) 4.the sidewalks of new york 5.when you wore a tulip 6.the bunny hop 7.little april shower 8.when the red red robin...
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    epcot music on tv

    has anyone been watching ABC today about the president they are using once again the epcot refections of earth firework music in it.
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    christmas tv show way off topic

    Ok i know this is off topic but was watching frosty to night and is it me but when santa talks all i hear is welcome foolish mortals to the haunted paul frees voice is so classic. We need a disney christmas now! out eisner in 2005
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    carousel of progress rumor kindof off topic

    Can anyone tell me if the rumor i hear is true that the carousel of progress is closing forever in 2005. :'(
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    richard m sherman cd

    does anyone have a cd that was released jan 2004 called banned barbershop ballads.It has songs written by richard sherman and milt larsen.Is it worth buying being a big sherman fan that i am?
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    disney music on Itunes

    hey was on itunes this morning and they have awhole section of disney albums now and some look like the ones from the wonerland music store.Could this be good news fro us who dpn't live near the parks and we can get the new released wonderland music albums on itunes? I think this is the best...
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    small world wdw rehab

    Did anyone else hear the rumor about the wdw samll world 10 month rehab thats gonna happen soon?
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    family band

    the disney classic the one and only, genuine, orginal family band hits disney dvd july 6th.Someone what good news on a bad dark disney day. ;D
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    OT my 2 cents

    Ok walt disney is my biggest hero cause i think that man brought more smiles and laughter int this world the anyother person could do in 3 life times.So it sickens me to see all the stuff that is going on.You can go around this world and almost everyone you meet knows who mickey mouse and snow...