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    What Music Do You Listen To?

    When I'm not listening to music from the Disney parks, there's a good chance I'm listening to music/soundtracks from the Disney Films, particularly the Animated Classics. Anything and everything from the Snow White/Pinocchio/Dumbo era to the later Classics like Cinderella, Alice, Peter Pan...
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    Walt Disney Records Announces The Legacy Collection

    WOW!!!!! This is awesome news! I guess I should check this board more often. Two things immediately caught my eye about the first release, Lion King: a ) It will finally have more of the score on its soundtrack, and b ) the score cues will be integrated with the songs, like on Randy's...
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    Epcot Japan Tin Toy Stories

    Back when the gallery had the Tin Toy Stories exhibit a few years ago, I really enjoyed the music, especially one track in particular. While this is probably old news to the experts out there, I have found this track. It is by Japanese synth/ambient pioneer Tomita and called "Arabesque No...
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    Snow White's Adventures at the Magic Kingdom

    Yes, "I'm Wishing" is the only music heard in the queue, and also is heard in the first scene of the Wishing Well, and Snow White sitting on the steps with the birdies with the jealeous queen looking down from the window. This version of the attraction is my favorite ever created and I'm...
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    Pinocchio Village Haus

    I just wanted to post an update that I found the name and artist of the track I was looking for! It's listed at Amazon here, and appears to be/have been part of a 4 CD set: S' Kantönlilied Unfortunately for my old school, PHYSICAL MEDIA CD collecting habits, it appears to be currently...
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    Mickey's Toontown Fair Christmas Loop

    Well, I can't remember if it was there in past seasons, but there definitely was one this year, during normal park operations, on my most recent MK visits on 12/31, 1/1, 1/4, and 1/6. Some of the tracks were sung by "Fab 5" characters and may have been from various WDR Christmas CDs. Other songs...
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    Mickey's Toontown Fair Christmas Loop

    With Mickey's Toontown Fair in the MK sadly celebrating it's final Christmas, I was just wondering if anyone knew the playlist for the Christmas music loop and what CDs the tracks are from (when applicable)? Thanks in advance for any info, David
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    Pinocchio Village Haus

    Thanks for the help! Unfortunately, I could not get that page to load. I tried in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I haven't visited that site before, but I guess it's either down today or there's some kind of problem on my end.
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    Playlist Dumbo the Flying Elephant

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU very much for posting this! Fantasyland is my favorite section in the Magic Kingdom. Dumbo is my favorite Disney movie. So both the ride and it's music loop are lifelong favorites as well! I am really happy to learn that the entire loop is available on CD - and...
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    Pinocchio Village Haus

    You guys were extremely helpful in identifying the Out Of Africa track from The Land/GMR, so I thought I'd ask about one of my favorite tracks from the Pinocchio Village Haus loop. It starts off like one of the typical, festive, instrumental, Bavarian-sounding tracks, but then it gets even more...
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    Help with The Great Movie Ride/The Land Track

    ^Thanks! Here's a link to a YouTube clip featuring the full and complete track as I remember hearing it in The Land food court and GMR Lobby, without the edits or the commentary interruptions heard in that skating clip. ;) Also, as one who collects physical CDs rather than downloads, I am...
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    Help with The Great Movie Ride/The Land Track

    Wow, you guys are amazing! Thanks to Horizons and Eyore for the help. It is indeed Out Of Africa (which I had never seen and was unfamiliar with). I had wanted to know the track title for a few years when I first heard it in the Great Movie Ride lobby. Hearing it again this year in The Land...
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    Help with The Great Movie Ride/The Land Track

    There is a beautiful track with lush, swooping strings that I have heard in two different places in the parks: I have heard it both inside the lobby of the Chinese Theatre at the studios and ALSO in the food court area of The Land. I'd love to know the name of this track and what film it is...
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    Up Wins Oscar for Best Score!

    Now, can we finally get a CD release of the soundtrack? Please?
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    WDW 40th Anniversary CD?

    Good point Marko! I think I posted this once before, but I'd love to see the "Official Albums" packaged in such a way that they could be sold seperately for each park, like the souvenir DVDs and now the souvenir booklets are going the same route. These individual albums for each park could be...
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Isn't that "Design a Tee" store terrific! I was able to finally buy shirts featuring a lot of my all-time favorite characters from the classic animated features that are NEVER featured in adult sizes on the "official" shirts in places like Emporium, etc. In my experiences, only the "Fab 5"...
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    The World's Fair Set and More

    MY THOUGHTS ON THE WORLD'S FAIR SET First, I wanted to give a big CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to Randy (and everyone else) who worked on the World's Fair set! I bought a copy at the Virgin Megastore at WDW, (my last ever purchase there, since it's sadly closing) during my recent seasonal stay...
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    Q for Randy: Pinocchio on Blu-ray

    Both lines are missing from the US standard definition Platinum DVD release as well, in both the 5.1 and theatrical mono mixes. From what I've read, it seems they are intact in the English soundtracks on some of the current international Platinum releases.
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    Playlist Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

    Did you ride any slides when you were there? ;)
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    How Many CDs Does the Average Collector Have?

    Re: How many CD's does the average collector have? My collection is 99% "phisical media" - official CDs, vinyl, and cassettes with packaging and cover art, that can go on my shelf. I am only interested in "downloads" of things that are unavailable in an "official" physical version. Anything...