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    WDW Railroad Narration/Loop

    Would someone be kind enough to confirm/deny the existence of a WDW Railroad narration/loop? I was looking for one the other day to synch up with photos taken but realized I didn't have one in my collection. I have quite a few DL loops but nothing for WDW other than the 'All Aboard' part of the...
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    Wendy Carlos' Epcot Closing Music

    I have a track in my collection titled 'Epcot Center Closing Music' that runs 5'12", (128kbps / 44.1kHz for the junkies like me), attributed to Wendy Carlos. Was this just a tie-in with the movie release of TRON (1982) or part of a larger series of work Carlos did for the park?
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    Morocco BGM

    I have a 34'39" track listed as 'Morocco Area BGM Loop (Master)' that screams induction recording. Does anyone have any further information on this track?
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    OT: Russell Brower Freebie on iTunes

    The overture to Diablo 3 by Russell Brower and the The Eminence Symphony Orchestra is up on iTunes for free as their 'Discovery Download' for the week.
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    A New Broughton Watch My apologies if someone already took note. Anyone willing to place a wager when it will happen?
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    DAK Character Grove Artist Credit

    Does anyone happen to know the artist's name for the DAK Character Grove guitar instrumental pieces? Thank you.
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    Just checking to see if Xfkirsten is lurking about; wanted to know if we could send loop information her way.
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    Disney's Animal Kingdom Dinoland Loop

    Alright; I've got a loop that clocks in at 45'12", entitled 'Disney's Animal Kingdom Dinoland Loop". Having much better things to do today (but not more interesting than this) I listened in detail and broke down the loop into the following: 1. 0'0" -- Dancing with the Dinosaur, Steven Curtis...
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    Future World Area Music Loop (59:08)

    Can anyone assist with information related to the 'Future World Area Music Loop' track that clocks in at 59'08"? I have two identical copies of this track with no information other than the time and a date of 2003. I believe this is a larger cut of the 'Innoventions Plaza' Loop that is 19'47".
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    OT: Next Wave of Walt Disney Treasures

    Mark me down for Donald in Mathmagic Land - I sure hope it's in there. I think Bill might be interested in the second of the three items scheduled for release. . .
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    Oscar Nomination for Michael Giacchino

    Just a note that Michael Giacchino's work for Ratatouille has been nominated for best original score. Oh, and Menken/Schwartz have three nominations for best song from Enchanted.
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios Main Entrance Loop

    Hello, friends, Does anyone know if the main entrance loop for Disney's Hollywood Studios has been changed to coincide with the new park signage? I believe some of the tracks in that loop were from MGM movies. . .
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    Any first hand reports concerning WDW's HM refurb; specifically, new or improved audio? Thanks.
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    OT: Music Data Visualization

    I have quite a few interests and it's a minor miracle when one directly relates to my paycheck. Data visualization happens to be one of these and I've attached a link to a visualization of my iTunes library. Granted, there are many albums here not related to Disney, per se, but I think you'll...
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    WDW Fantasyland to Liberty Square Music Transition

    While perusing "The Imagineering Field Guide to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World" this morning I came across this interesting tidbit about the transition between Fantasyland and Liberty Square. According to the book, a unique BGM track plays under the 'bridge' (part of the Columbia Harbor...
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    First time Disney'land' trip

    As hard as it is to admit, especially as an ardent WDW visitor, I am making my first trip to Disneyland later this month. (I'm too old to reveal to anyone, outside of my family and this group, how amped I am to visit the Tiki Birds in their resplendent, mostly original form, and see Mr. Toad...
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    Ratatouille Score?

    I missed last Saturday's early screening of 'Ratatouille' but have high hopes based on the plot and the early reviews. What I've not heard a thing about is Michael Giacchino's score; would anyone care to comment who caught the movie last weekend?
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    Innoventions Plaza Suite

    Okay Innoventions fans; here's a question for you. Tenay, over at alt.binaries, posted a slew of Epcot music and, included in the Innoventions group, I located a 3"04' track listed as 'Clockworks'. To use a rather base metaphor I'm usually like stink on a dog when it comes to following threads...
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    Share a Dream Come True music

    I came across a drop dead gorgeous source recording of the 'Share a Dream Come True' parade. Unfortunately, when I reached 14:16 it skips and then at 14:18 the file abruptly ends. I requested via newsgroups someone to post the parade music and received one that checks in at 35:18. Although this...
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    Expedition Everest BGM

    Does anybody have any information regarding this loop? I'm listening to a file that clocks in at 1:12:44. I've heard the overall theming of this attraction is fabulous and perhaps the best at WDW (I still think the ToT takes that prize); this loop certainly fits with the pictures and video I've...