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    WDW Epcot Entrance Plaza [2021]

    Epcot • Entrance Plaza Epcot Entrance Plaza Area Music [2021] (March 3, 2021 to Present Day) 01. Beyond the Horizon 1:23 Two Steps from Hell Heavens Anthology beyond-the-horizon/1250553377?i=1250553397 B072YXBSP7 02. The Magic Kingdom 1:05 Thomas Newman Saving Mr. Banks (Original Motion...
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    Playlist Epcot Entrance Plaza [2021]

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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    I have a recording that I made from inside the men's room — complete with an occasional flush! 😂 I had always intended to go back to get an induction recording, but too many follow-up trips were met with silence. I can post some short snippets, but these tracks were taken from old 78s, and I...
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    Playlist Pete's Silly Sideshow

    Thanks so much! I have added this to the Playlists section.
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    WDW Pete's Silly Sideshow

    Magic Kingdom • Storybook Circus Pete's Silly Sideshow Background Music (October 4, 2012 to Present Day) 01. Entry of the Gladiators 2:17 Great American Main Street Band Under the Big Top B000002SKA entry-of-the-gladiators/724927429?i=724927723 B000SZX8TM 02. Memphis the Majestic March 1:41...
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    Playlist Pete's Silly Sideshow

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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    I sent an email back in August that went unanswered.
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    Playlist Blizzard Beach

    It's by unnamed artists on Steel Band Music of the Caribbean.
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    Playlist Blizzard Beach

    The selection is by Alex Meixner, an accordion player, who played at Epcot Germany's Biergarten for many years. I'd have to fish out my old induction recording to see if I could put together the source(s). Here is one of Alex's CDs...
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Nope. Unknown Tracks 12 and 15 are strictly piano playing. Unknown Track 17 is a band, but not a match, not even close.
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    This does: 😆
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [2013]

    far fa-cog fa-spin UNDER CONSTRUCTION far fa-cog fa-spin Playlist is coming soon!
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [2013]

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    WDW Grand Floridian [1988] - Track 05 Identified!

    I found Track 05! I've had this darned melody rattling around in my brain for a good 15 year. 🤪 05. Kitchen Tom ~2:43 Eubie Blake Eighty Six Years of Eubie Blake kitchen-tom/1492501086?i=1492501426 B082YH6MZW Three tracks to go! 😆
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Visible for the first time! 🤩 Work in progress! I have not had time to fill in best sources for most tracks. Four tracks, three of which are ragtime piano possibly from the same source, have yet to be identified. Some day... 😆
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Polka Dot Stomp is Track 06. Sources are old 78s. For the purposes of this particular loop / discussion thread, you can forget about the California Ramblers tracks, as those are part of the 2013 additions to the original loop.
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    Epcot: World Showcase Review (by World City Orchestra)

    A couple/few of the tracks are a match to my induction recording of the International Gateway area music loop. That's about all I can tell you.
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    Playlist California Grill Observation Deck

    Are you sure Overnight Sleeper appears twice (06 and 23)? Do you have a reference recording for the unknown track (19)? I will get this added to the Playlist Manager for you. 🧙‍♂️