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  1. TofuForBrains

    Epcot Mexico Gallery Music--Segovia?

    Based upon the track listing for Mexico's Gallery that Horizons posted over here, looks like all tracks are from Andres Segovia's out-of-print LP/cassette, My Favorite Spanish Encores. Anyone have any ideas about where to obtain a legit digital copy? I have a turntable-->mp3 converter, so i...
  2. TofuForBrains

    Pop Century Bus Loop: A First Stab

    I just returned from a Pop stay that was slightly and unexpectedly extended a bit due to the weather...I used this as an opportunity to compile the beginnings of a bus loop playlist for Pop. I find that the music on the bus loop is more entertaining than that in the 10-hour (!) Classic Hall...
  3. TofuForBrains

    Coral Reef BGM Playlist?

    Howdy, folks....and a Merry Xmas to those observing the holiday. I'm lookin' around for an accurate playlist of the Coral Reef loop. Anyone know if the music is commercially-available, needle-drop, what-what? Under the sea in a big blue world, TFB
  4. TofuForBrains

    MNSSHP 2010

    So to those who've been, how was it this year? I couldn't make it during my trip last week due to various worky and social-type obligations, but I wish I had! Any new loops worth a listen? Any other changes? How was the candy? ;-)
  5. TofuForBrains

    Just Sayin' Hi

    Halloo... Joined the board a few days ago after attempts to do Google searches from afar about many of the music loops, when I stumbled upon this site. I was really impressed with the thoroughness of the lists I found here and I recognize some names (I think) from other boards or places on the...
  6. TofuForBrains

    Columbia Harbour House Track Listing

    Hello, folks! Please indulge a n00b who is trying to figure out how the associated blogs fit in with the forums...I posted a reply to an old blog entry yesterday but thought I would repost here so that it would be indexed in the forums. I have many sea-shanty-singin' pals and as such I have a...