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    Disney albums now available at Apple's iTunes Music Store!!!

    I just noticed this, tons of titles!!! Since I haven't been on this board in a while I don't know if this is old news or not, but it's certainly good news! Hopefully, the Wonderland Music CDs will make their way there.
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    Steve, Now you have me nervous!!! What's this "couple of year" business? Is that the life expectancy of a home-burned CD? If it is, what assurance is there that the Wonderland Music CDs are being recorded on anything superior to the drive on my PC? Should we be backing these up as we get...
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    WONDERLAND MUSIC STORE reviews and news!!!

    Louis, Thank you for your wonderful review! I can't wait to hear these (my first two discs are on the way). After hearing Grinning Ghost's comments, I was worried, but I have a feeling that his ears are far too sensitive for his own good. Since I've cleaned my hard drive of illegally...
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    Disneyland Virtual Audio Tour

    Tim, Yes, this is a different set. The thing that really intrigued me is that there is material in these tracks that I didn't even know existed, like spiels from the Skyway, Motorboat Cruises and Rocket Jets. And, there are other tracks that are higher quality than anything I had previously...
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    Disneyland Virtual Audio Tour

    Rick, Thanks for replying to this post. I've only run across a few of these tracks, but they are incredible. I look forward to hearing more of them. Please keep us up to date on any future projects. -Aaron
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    Organizing Tracks

    I've had similar problems. Since I'm using a Mac and iTunes, it automatically organizes them first by Artist, then by Album. My solution was use Disney Parks as the Artist and then "Tomorrowland - Star Tours" as the Album. That way, all my Disney tracks are in the folder "Disney Parks" in one...
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    Disneyland Virtual Audio Tour

    Thanks so much!!! Thanks also for the reference to website where I could find these! I'm going to check it out right away. The files that I did find were in mp3 format. Is there a utility to convert Window Media Files to mp3?
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    Disneyland Virtual Audio Tour

    Has anyone ran across this collection of audio files? I believe it's a set of 45 tracks. I was curious if someone could post a track listing of these files. Thanks.
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    The Enchanted Tiki Room 40th Anniversary Info...

    I'm sorry but I have to state, for the record, that The Enchanted Tiki Room is quintessential Disneyland! Without this atttaction, Disneyland is just not Disneyland. Are we all in accord?
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    Question: How is a recording made using the induction method?

    I read a recent post on this forum referring to an audio file that was recorded using "the induction method." Can anyone explain what exactly this is? Also, are there any common audio files floating around that have been recorded using this method? I'm curious to know what type of sound...
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    I'm going to Disneyland!!

    If you rent a locker from the Main Street lockers, keep an ear out for the dentist's office above!
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    More music trading woes

    While I have no problems with Apple's sound quality, it's all a rather moot point since a search of "Disney" yields only 12 results, none of which are actually Disney releases. :(
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    Full ride CD quality list

    Eddie, I haven't run across the Polynesian Resort Audio. How long is the track? Is it a loop of various songs or just a single track? Any information would be appreciated. -Aaron
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    Favorite DL/WDW Forever Tracks

    Other, too. The Submarine Voyage track is wonderful. Especially sitting in front of my computer. The audio comes from two speakers on each side. I put my head right in front of the screen, close my eyes, and I'm back on the ride!!!
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    NEW SURVEY: What has Disney music given you?

    While I don't post here too often (I'm way out of my league), I couldn't resist. This is a great topic. Mike, I agree with your original post. Listening to different styles of Disney music has opened me up more to those genres. Maybe you can answer a question. What genre is the music from...
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    Want List

    It's a Small World, "Small World Clock"??2:20 STEREO [REVISED (STEREO, MUSIC) 5/99] :)
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    It's a Small World, "Small World Clock" -- Can someone help?

    Does anyone else have this track? Please send me an email if you can help me find this track. It would be a great help. Thanks, Aaron
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    It's a Small World, "Small World Clock" -- Can someone help?

    Brett, Could you send me an email? I would love to find this track. My email address is Thanks so much for any help. -Aaron
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    It's a Small World, "Small World Clock" -- Can someone help?

    I'm wondering if anyone out there can help me out. Apparently, and I may be mistaken, there are two versions of "Small World Clock" from the Disneyland Forever system. The original version is in Mono and in the actual recording, the time that chimes at the end is 6:45 (six slow chimes and...
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    Fantasyland Attractions

    I'm not 100% sure that The Unbirthday Song played at The Mad Tea Party wasn't also rerecorded. I've been searching high and low for this music, but haven't found it all yet. There is a slight variation in the music from the soundtrack and the attraction (which can be found at...