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    Slightly OT - Rollercoaster on iTunes

    I'm posting this because I'll bet a few theme park & soundtrack fans have been waiting for this one - While searching iTunes for the still-elusive Babes in Toyland and Tinpanorama, I stumbled onto the recent addition of Lalo Schifrin's score to the movie "Rollercoaster." The soundtrack's better...
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    Updated iTunes Disney Archives list

    iTunes actually updated their New Releases list today (As of now it's still not alphabetized, though)! Here's all the newly-added Disney Material I could find (Many thanks to Merlinjones for finding most of these first without the benefit of the New Releases list!): Hawaiiannette Annette...
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    2 Archive Collections on iTunes

    Right now it's only midnight on the east coast, but I thought I'd check iTunes for new Nov. 7 archive material. At first, I could only find a couple of LPs that had been there before (such as Burl Ives), but then I stumbled onto Disney Archive Collection volume 1 & 2. Okay, I was hoping to see...
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    WDW "Sadie Mae" Carousel Organ on iTunes

    I enjoy fiddling with iTunes's search functions and stumbling across obscure-but-wonderful jazz, ska and orchestral versions of Disney Songs. New music usually gets listed on Tuesdays, and here's an album I never heard of before: "Sadie Mae" Disney World Carousel Organ" Anyone know if this is...