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    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Exterior BGM

    Re: Tower of Terror Queue Tracklist? We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn When the Sun Sets Down South - Nobles Singers Inside - Fats Waller Jungle Drums - Sidney Bechet Ken Burns There's A House - Henry Allen Sleepy Time Gal - Glenn Miller Benny Berigan - Can't Get Started Mood Indigo - Duke...
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    Registration Form for Disney Music Convention

    Cool! When is Ricks song going to be presented?
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    TDL Tower of Terror music

    OMG! I've been watching the video from the jtcent site over and over. The attraction seems incredible. I'm hoping to get to go to TDL over Christmas but thats still way up in the air. Back to the topic - - the soundtrack seems awesome! Reminds me a lot of phantom manor. btw, does TDL (or...
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    "Remember the Vinyl"

    Great site!! Your LP collection is awesome. Any chance of putting 'Celebrate the magic' (or clips of it) on the site? I think it would be a nice preview. Anyway to put a countdown to the convention on the site too? Just some thoughts *Tad
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    TDL Tower of Terror music

    Anyone know what the music is going to be like?? Same queue music? Since its not a twilight zone ride I'm guessing that theme has been totally taken out. I can't wait to ride it someday...or just see a video....whatever comes first. *Tad ps- Only 16 more days till the opening!
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    Disney's Leading Park Music Vocalist Releases Her Solo Album!

    I just listened to the samples on the site. Awesome! It's nice to hear the voice of Disney sing by her self. Has Michelle ever released any other CDs? I'd really like to hear more. *Tad
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    Disney Cruise Line

    Don't think there is for the cruise version. There are versions from euro-disney and tokyo disneyland. Don't know if they are out of print or not. *Tad
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    New HKDL Official Album?

    I'd like to see the disney on parade music on an album.
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    Disney Music Convention November 2006

    Good news-I think I can come! I'm so excited ;D
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    Exciting News!!! Disney Dreams Music

    I'll be up to see the new parade in two weeks. I'm so excited! ;D Does anyone have pictures yet.......anyone know the lyrics? *Tad
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    New Soundtracks or reissues

    Yeah for THE BLACK CAULDRON. ;D Love that movie!
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    Celebrate The Magic Review - Music and Lyrics by Rick McKee

    Any updates on this? Rick- are you planning on releasing a recording of this piece? I still love the live version but I'd really like to hear a source recording. :)
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    Disney On Ice?

    Try alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks. I personally am not on the network (too much money!!!), but many people have found it very successful. Good luck!
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    Giacchino's Space Mountain music now online!

    Anyone know if WDW is going to be upgrading their Space Mountain anytime soon?
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    New song on sunset blvd?

    I'm going back to WDW on saturday and will try to find out more about this song. Does Jonathan Boothman(?) post here? We met last weekend at WDW and he seemed to know his MGM stuff. If only we would have met after I heard that song. Later.
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    Celebrate The Magic Review - Music and Lyrics by Rick McKee

    I was just at visionsfantastic and clicked on the visionsfantastic radio button and started freaking out because celebrate the magic started playing--or-I thought it was. The opening music for their radio page seems to be the background track for the opening of Celebrate The Magic. I was so...
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    New song on sunset blvd?

    Hi. I was at MGM last weekend and I heard a song on sunset bldv that I've never heard before. It was a lady singing something like "just like a stroll through the moonlight..all night...every night..only with you". It was really nice. Does anyone know the name of it? Thanks. *Tad
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    Celebrate The Magic Review - Music and Lyrics by Rick McKee

    All I can say is WOW! :o :D Absolutely amazing. I knew it would be amazing but I had no idea how amazing. That really could be a show or parade! And the real disney singers....holy cow Rick! I'm so happy for you. I really recommend that everyone check out this song. Keep up the good work...
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    Celebrate The Magic Review - Music and Lyrics by Rick McKee

    I'm so excited to see the movie! I just looked at your site and it's still not up yet :'( please post when we can watch. Thanks Rick. *Tad