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    OT: What Would You Do?

    OK...I'm appointing you all honorary Imagineers. How would YOU have handled the anniversary celebration? I'm not talking "release the Main Street loop on CD". Think big. What would you do to set this over the top? What would you have done to make this the biggest celebration in Disneyland...
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    Magic Behind the Music and Legacy in Song

    I saw used copies of both the Magic Behind the Music and Disney's Legacy in Song boxed sets at the Princeton Record Exchange for $24.99 each if anyone is still looking for those. Not sure if they do mail order, but worth a try if you need them.
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    Swisskapolka lyrics?

    Anyone know the words to the Swisskapolka? I saw them recently and can't remember where. Thanks.
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    TDL 22 Anniversary pales by comparison, but they do put out some nice merch for the little anniversaries in TDL. I thought this had a real American 50s Disney feel to it.
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    Mary Poppins UK

    As it seems as though the Disneyland set might not be orderable for a few days now, I thought I'd give a shout out to Tommy for suggesting ordering Mary Poppins from AmazonUK. I walked over to Footlight inquiring about it and (true to form) they barked at me "Not yet!" Someone should enroll...