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    Late, Great Dal McKennon

    The news reached MOUSE TRACKS that our old buddy Dallas McKennon passed away today, four days short of his 90th birthday. Of course, most of you will recognize his name from the dozens of Disney LP's on which his voice appeared between 1957 and 1971, but his career as an actor went far beyond...
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    Re:Greg and Tim, together again for the first time!

    You'll know me because I'm the short one.
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    MOUSE TRACKS Cover Unveiled

    Here's the cover design for the April 2006 book, just sent to us by the publisher. Nifty, isn't it? Donna Reed meets Beaver Cleaver!
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    Advance Marketing for MOUSE TRACKS

    This is the official announcement just released by the marketing department at the University Press of Mississippi. To paraphrase a song from THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE, "it won't be long 'til April." ------- MUSIC HISTORY / POP CULTURE Mouse Tracks The Story of Walt Disney Records Tim Hollis and...
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    Farewell to the Disneyland Story Reader

    Greg Ehrbar and I just received the sad news that our little friend Robie Lester passed away on Tuesday, June 14. She had been battling leukemia for many years, and our last communication from her was just a couple of weeks ago when she sent additions and corrections for her biographical sidebar...
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    Disneyland Records History Now Turned In

    Some of you may be wondering if the book MOUSE TRACKS: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY RECORDS, by Greg Ehrbar and Yours Truly, got finished in time for its projected October 2005 release. The answer is no, we ran six months over deadline, but the entire 367-page, 76,181-word, 139-illustration...
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    Farewell to Sam Edwards

    We just received news this morning that Sam Edwards passed away last night at the age of 89. He had a long and distinguished career in radio, movies, and television but found a second (or third or fourth) life on Disneyland Records from the early 1960s (THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR, supporting...
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    Disney LP Cover Art

    Fortunately, Greg Ehrbar and I have gotten a lot of help with our upcoming history of Walt Disney Records. One of our most enthusiastic helpers is a young fellow named Jim Hollifield. Jim recently returned from a trip to Disneyland with the following comments, and since I haven't seen anyone...
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    Tutti Camarata, Disney Legend

    I'm glad Randy Thornton finally got his cards... or is it records?... out on the table, because keeping his secret has been MOIDER for those of us who knew about it. The new project to rerelease so many of the old Disneyland and Buena Vista LP's will dovetail nicely with the impending...
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    Enchanted Tiki Room Voice

    The voice credits for the original Enchanted Tiki Room list an Ernie Newton as the voice of Pierre. Some of the longtime Disney singers have also identified him on some of the LP's of the late 1960s (particularly in the Grandpa role in the "second cast" version of THE ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL...
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    History of Disneyland/Buena Vista Records

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Writers uncover Disney?s recorded history for the first time ORLANDO, FL - They?re among the most popular forms of Disney entertainment. They?ve sold millions, won numerous awards and influenced the entertainment industry. They?ve been the soundtracks of childhood for...