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  1. tcsnwhite

    World of Color

    I say, speak for yourself. I am someone who certainly wants a soundtrack cd. Why not? And not all of World of Color is soundtrack sources. There are a number of great moments in the show that have some beautifully orchestrated new music. There are PLENTY of us out there would love to...
  2. tcsnwhite

    Mickey's Magical Party CD [2009] [DLRP]

    Well, I can tell you that no park/resort upsets me more than Disneyland Resort does when it comes to what they do not release but should - their entertainment music. I'm all for attraction audio - and I TRULY appreciate all Randy has done concerning all the great attraction music and...
  3. tcsnwhite

    Mickey's Magical Party CD [2009] [DLRP]

    Nice to see a Disney resort that actually releases their music for purchase, pretty consistently... Disneyland CA take note.
  4. tcsnwhite

    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    You can still order Tokyo Disney product from and several other asian based sites. The only one I know of that says they can't sell to U.S. (unless you make a special order) is cdjapan. Which sucks because they had the lowest shipping rates.
  5. tcsnwhite

    Disneyland Resort Paris - Les Parades en Musique 2009 CD

    While DLRP might not be perfect in what they release for their cds...from a US perspective, this sounds pretty damn good. We can't even get our parades released on cds for purchase. It might have taken a long time for the music to make it to a cd for Paris, but at least they did it. Can't say...
  6. tcsnwhite

    Tokyo DisneySea/land Music Albums 2008

    Supposedly only the last three tracks on Disc One and tracks 8 & 11 on Disc Three are the only new, un-released tracks. also made a correction that the Countdown track on Disc One is now "Countdown 2008"
  7. tcsnwhite

    Quick Question: Remember Dreams Come True (fireworks)

    I wish someone had the Parade of Dreams presentation...I saw everything else, but missed the POD part. damn...
  8. tcsnwhite

    The Official Albums for 2008!

    I'm definitely with you on this. I hope the DLR and WDI-CE folks make it work out this time with Disneyland's next parade. At least have everything lined up, payed for, and set properly and legally this time for a cd release to even be possible if WDR and merchandising think about doing it...
  9. tcsnwhite

    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Randy, I want to just say a big THANK YOU!!! These both look to be two of the better OA's in a long time (not to say the last ones weren't good...;)) Just so much good new material going on... and yes, even though Disneyland is only getting two new ones...the Submarine Voyage is going to be...
  10. tcsnwhite

    Someone posing as Rick McKee

    Randy, it's so good to hear from you...and know Rick has your support. He's the real deal, and though I have never met him, we have a good little online friendship outside the board. Just from that I can tell how sincere, gifted, and smart he is. He doesn't deserve this, and I hope this...
  11. tcsnwhite

    Someone posing as Rick McKee

    Rick, I am so sorry that this identity theft is happening to you. This is completely wrong, and I hope once the person is discovered that trent and whoever else runs the board bans them. You of all people do NOT deserve this. I cannot tell you how good of a friend you have been outside of...
  12. tcsnwhite

    Looking for:

  13. tcsnwhite

    Looking for:

    what's happening to the BTY parade? some rumor I haven't heard about?
  14. tcsnwhite

    Cinderellabration 2008

    Well, if anyone knows anything or ends up getting it, let us know if it's any different than previous years. Other than that, it looks to be the same.
  15. tcsnwhite

    Cinderellabration 2008

    Check out the videos of the Season of the Heart show that was done last year (not sure if this years entertainment is going to be exactly the same), but that should give you an idea of what the music is...I think it's the soundtrack to the main show they did last time. I'm still trying to...
  16. tcsnwhite

    Cinderellabration 2008

    Since this is the final year for Tokyo Disneyland's Cinderellabration, does anyone know if this years soundtrack is any different from the previous years?
  17. tcsnwhite

    Super Duper Jumpin Time Castle Show

    oh wow, congratulations. I didn't know you got more work from, I can't wait to hear it, and see it.
  18. tcsnwhite

    Mickey's Christmas Parade

    Just a quick question, what is different now about the Parade of Dreams show stops than when it started? All I know is that the opening has a new announcer and spiel. They changed more?
  19. tcsnwhite

    Disneyland Castle Lighting

    ^are you sure Kellie Coffey and the lady who does the voice of the Blue Fairy are the same women? I think they're different, at least they sound different to me...
  20. tcsnwhite

    Listen to ENCHANTED!!!

    haha ::)