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  1. tcsnwhite

    Cinderellabration 2008

    Since this is the final year for Tokyo Disneyland's Cinderellabration, does anyone know if this years soundtrack is any different from the previous years?
  2. tcsnwhite

    Archived Disney music IS coming to itunes !!!

    Well, it seems like more Disney music is coming to itunes this fall. Go here to read the article and see what is coming: It may not be the theme park stuff we want quite yet, but it is a start. just thought you guys might be interested, hadn't...
  3. tcsnwhite

    Tokyo DisneySea 5th Anniversary ALBUM- ?

    Hello, Does anyone know what the tracks are on this new 5th Anniversary ablum for Tokyo DisneySea? Here is the link: It is a 2- disc album, and I am wondering if it is basically a re-packaging of an older DisneySea 2-disc album...
  4. tcsnwhite

    Where's Randy?

    Hey, I know Randy Thornton is a busy guy, but we haven't heard from him in a while. I don't know, I just miss his posts.
  5. tcsnwhite

    Cinderellabration - Tokyo DLand 2006

    Hi there, Does anyone know if the Tokyo Disneyland Cinderellabration cd for this year, 2006, has anything new on it? or is it the same exact music from the pervious cd releases?
  6. tcsnwhite

    Disney and P2P networks

    Hi, I don't want to get in trouble for asking for something relating to P2P networks. I do have a question, and it is about P2P networks, and I if anyone here knows alot about them, please Private Message me, and we can discuss it there. thanks
  7. tcsnwhite

    Newsgroups- help, anyone?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone here could help me get to the disney parks newsgroup that people go to. First of all, how do I get onto a newsgroup, and how do I get to this one? I have tried before using a tutorial for newsgroups kind of thing, but it just was too difficult to...
  8. tcsnwhite

    Parade of Dreams Music- cd release

    Hello everyone, I am trying to go across the disney fan sites and see if I can get people who want the music to Parade of Dreams and Block Party Bash to make their voices heard. I am trying to figure out how we can make our voices much more heard so that Disneyland Merchandising and Walt Disney...
  9. tcsnwhite

    Parade of Dreams & Block Party Music- to RANDY!!!!!!

    Ok, I am flipping out here. Randy Thornton, is there going to be a cd with the Parade of Dreams music and the Block Party Bash music? I noticed that these are not on any of the sets coming out! Please tell me that they are planning on putting these out sometime!? Is anyone else here...
  10. tcsnwhite

    Help!!- requesting track list from Mickey's Gift of Dreams

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has the full track info for the Mickey's Gift of Dreams cd from tokyo disneyland. I am looking for the track listing of songs from the back of the cd. thanks
  11. tcsnwhite

    Style! - Tokyo Disneysea parade- music available?

    Is the music to the style! parade available on a cd? and does anyone know where to order the cd from? I know cdjapan doesn't do it anymore, but are there any others? I am desperate to know!!!!! thanks T
  12. tcsnwhite

    FOR RANDY THORNTON!!!- ? about upcomming cds- "a christmas fantasy parade"

    Hey there, Randy, I was wondering, are there going to be any plans to release Disneyland's "A Christmas Fantasy" Parade music on the upcomming cd releases for the 50th? or perhaps on the wonderland kiosks? I, and many others, have hoped that someday this music, in its full form, would be...
  13. tcsnwhite

    Help-is Cdjapan a good site for ordering tokyo disneyland cds?

    Hi I am new to this board and I was wondering if anyone here has used to order cds from tokyo disneyland. It seems like the only way to order them from japan, and I don't know if you can directly order from tokyo disneyland itself. There have been posts on this in the past, but...