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    TDL Tower of Terror music

    Anyone know what the music is going to be like?? Same queue music? Since its not a twilight zone ride I'm guessing that theme has been totally taken out. I can't wait to ride it someday...or just see a video....whatever comes first. *Tad ps- Only 16 more days till the opening!
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    New song on sunset blvd?

    Hi. I was at MGM last weekend and I heard a song on sunset bldv that I've never heard before. It was a lady singing something like "just like a stroll through the moonlight..all night...every night..only with you". It was really nice. Does anyone know the name of it? Thanks. *Tad
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    Disney's 50th

    Does anybody know what Disney is planning on doing for the 50th anniversary? I saw wishesfan?s post getting rid of Believe and I quite agree. Do they have a new theme song for the 50th? Thanks. -ToTnut ps: can anybody post a list of the Tower of Terror queue music? Do we know if it?s...