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    Imagineering the Magic.

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    Rex Allen.

    Does anyone know if the following songs by Rex Allen and The Mellomen are available on CD or MP3: WRINGLE WRANGLE BALLAD OF JOHN COULTER I'M LONELY MY DARLIN' WESTWARD HO THE WAGONS Thanks, Tom
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    Pinocchio 78rpm question for Randy Thornton.

    Randy, I found the following record in the Library of Congress Recorded Sound catalog. What do you know about this record? Does it exist in the Walt Disney archives? Has it ever been released on any Pinocchio compilation? Shelf no.: Walt Disney 3255/3258 (78A) Title: Turn on the old music box...
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    Re:HELP! I need Orange Bird!

    Here's your chance:
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    Jimmie Dodd.

    Has Disney released a Jimmie Dodd compilation at any point in time? Thank you :)
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    Main Street USA BGM.

    Every time I go to WDW, as I step out from under the entrance tunnels into the Town Square there is a music loop playing that features "The Wells Fargo Wagon" from "The Music Man". Does anyone know where I can buy/download this loop? Thank you. :)
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    Cinderella Demos.

    Can ANYONE please tell me who the singers are on the song, "Dancing on a Cloud" on the Cinderella DVD? Thanks.