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    Anyone Know What's Up with Rodentsections?

    Anyone know what's up with MOUSEBITS? I haven't been able to access Rodentsections lately.  Anyone now if everythings okay?
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    Disneyland Imagineering the Magic DVD Review

    OT Disneyland Imagineering the Magic DVD review I finally got my copy of this. On the website, Disney said it would be shipped in 10 days. It took 20 days, but I guess 10 until it shipped and 10 more for shipping... So, for anyone who's interested, here's my thoughts. It is not an in depth...
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    The Pixar Story

    OT- THE PIXAR STORY Sorry for the off topic post, but I just watched this AMAZING documentary on STARZ. The PIXAR STORY does everything right. It's a wonderful history of Pixar and Disney's relationship, warts and all. Leslie Iwerks is responsible for this documentary. This is how to do them...
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    OT: Dave Oneal's Anaheim Vacation Land review

    I know, this has nothing to do with Disney music. But since folks here talked about this book before, I figured having read it, I should give you my review. To cut to the chase: I enjoyed this book. Anaheim Vacation Land is a unique niche book. It is about the crazy hotels and attractions that...
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    Sad News about the man we knew as HITCHHIKING GHOST

    I don't know if anyone here announced this, but since I never saw any mention I thought I'd pass on the news. The man known in the Disney online and newsgroup community as HITCHHIKING GHOST passed away in late November. He was responsible for a thirteen disc tribute to Disneyland as well as a...
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    Small World Compilation

    I am attempting to put together a compilation of Small World tracks. A big one. I have many versions, including I believe the old Winston Hibler narrated Vinyl and the Worlds fair disc. Does any one here have a comprehensive list of what is available? And more importantaly, does anyone have a...
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    Does anyone know if the music to the parade for MICKEY'S NOT SO SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY exists anywhere? It's a terrific parade, but I've not been able to fond the music. Daliseurat