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    IllumiNations with Holiday Tag

    Heh, my favorite part was right near the end before all of the fireworks start to explode. You can hear all of the shells being launched and you know something grand is about to happen. :) I really dig the irony of the ending.
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    IllumiNations with Holiday Tag

    Oh, I managed to catch that AA laser in action, btw. It was nice seeing them use it again.
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    IllumiNations with Holiday Tag

    I went to EPCOT the night the new holiday ending debuted...been going back as often as I can ever since. My only complaint was that they seemed to wuss out on the globe a little bit. Maybe it's too complex to develop new imagery, or maybe they figured you'd be looking up more than at it. It's...
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    Christmas Music in the Parks

    I assume you're referring to the Lights of Winter loop at Epcot? I admit there are parts which I'm not necessarily fond of, but all in all I think it's pretty good. Of course the problem I have with most Disney music is it simply reminds me of great memories with my daughter, so I'm a little...
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    WDW TTA: Paging Mr. Morrow

    How about pre-TTA? Anyone else remember when it was a people-mover and they talked about how the cars were moved by magnets. Still seems high-tech even today and it's always bothered me that they don't even mention it anymore. ...or maybe I was just an overimaginative kid and made it all up...
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    christmas tv show way off topic

    Heh, funny. Now that I read this, I can hear the voice in my head. I don't know what that says about me, but ah well.
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    Lights of Winter

    Hey, I get to answer my own question...partly. Lights of Winter It's amazing how easy it is to find the info when you do the *correct* search. :)
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    Lights of Winter

    I have a two part question. 1. Is the holiday music track for Epcot available by any chance? Not the candlelight processional but the loop played within the center walkway (the "Lights of Winter") and after IllumiNations. 2. Is there a list of the tracks being played for the new...