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    1988 WDW Xmas Shows and Parades

    Hi There, I'm looking for a complete schedule or listing of all shows, parades, fireworks for the Christmas Season of 1988 @ WDW. I'm completing a scrapbook and I'm missing that information. I have brochures from MK and Epcot from those years but there are no listings or showtimes of...
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    Poly-Resort Monorail Mark IV Photo

    Awhile back there used to be a photo on the internet taken sometime in the mid-80s of the monorail Mark IV (which was parked near the Polynesian Resort) with Mickey Mouse waving at the camera. I cannot for the life me find that photo. I would like to have it as a desktop wallpaper. If anyone...
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    1988 WDW Audio

    If anyone has any lists of what 1988 soundtracks you have throughout WDW, I would be interested to know. I am trying to re-create a collection of ride soundtracks from 1988 as I visited there late that year (I was 6 years old at the time). What I am mostly looking for are mid 1980s WDW...
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    Spaceship Earth

    1982 Spaceship Earth Audio Hi There, I am new to this site as it does look very enticing! I am looking for a nearly or mostly complete version of the 1982 Vic Perrin version of Spaceship Earth. I have the 1986 and 1994 editions but I am kinda looking for 1982, if possible. Thanks, Mike