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    Non Disney Ride Soundtracks

    Some parks were fairly wonderful here and there with their rides. One soundtrack I dont have a link but have is Knotts Beary Tales. Get a hold of Extinct Attractions DVD for the ride. Some other links: Great America's Demon: This...
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    Expo Robotics: what was the music?

    Saw this fun WDW show back in the 80s sometime. Robots spinning tops and balancing them on swords. The music was neat. The attendant told me the music was Kitaro. So when I got back to Socal, I hit a music store and they had listening, so I took a listen to EVERY Kitaro album in the store. No...
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    a song to melt the heart. Beautiful and gone.

    Horizons: Space Colony cue. If you havent heard it, look for it and oyu will see what I mean....
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    Thunder Mountain, off topic

    Sad to say, there was a fatal accident on Thunder Mountain today. I have made a forensic analyses of what happened, read it for yourself at: let me know what you think. Thanks Tony
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    Captain Eo Preshow Music

    In the queue aisleway was a set of monitors and there would be playing a 20 minute sequence whihc is mainly the logo which would spin every couple of minutes to show a time announcement or a short clip on the making of captain eo. The music for it hit me fairly hard and the closest I found was...