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    WDW Vacation Planning Kit

    Yeah, really stupid question but here goes: Anyone know what the soundtrack is from on the latest WDW Vacation Planning Kit? Was wondering if it was lifted from some other soundtrack. Thanks!
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    Go Go Goodyear, GE and Ford

    Also, in the Horizons Loop, is there a music quote of "GE we bring good things to life?" Sounds like it to me, but I don't remember that from the attraction. Thoughts? -from what I recall, and what I have heard from others, the only GE plug was at the end of the Horizons attraction. After...
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    Two WDW Music Questions

    Greetings - I am new to this site so please excuse me if this has already been discussed. I have two questions regarding some specific music at WDW: 1) Does anyone know who wrote the orchestration for the current 'Ellen's Energy Adventure" at Epcot? For some reason I really like this...