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    Don't forget the Festival of the Lion King cd. I saw that for sale all over the place last time I was there. Jason
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    Playlist IllumiNations Pre-show [1999]

    Steve, This is my final Impressions de France question, I promise! Is there a version that is just music (ie what you've already put together, minus the narration and sound effects) ? Also, I grabbed a copy of the MK Main Entrance loop from #Disney-Central. It's wonderful as well! All this...
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    Playlist IllumiNations Pre-show [1999]

    Steve, Since I'm so enamored of your work (more ego-boosting anytime...just let me know), could you tell us a little more about your methods? What software do you use? Any other projects that you have completed that you're particularly proud of? Anything new and exciting on the horizon? I had...
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    Playlist IllumiNations Pre-show [1999]

    Thank you! It seems like the collective of Disney theme park music fans has been searching for the complete list forever. Jason
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    Trying to put together Ultimate Main Street CD

    Ryan, I have the Oklahoma medley: *13. Surrey with the Fringe on Top *14. Many a New Day *15. Kansas City and the Music Man medley: *25. Wells Fargo Wagon *26. Lida Rose *27. Iowa Stubborn (which includes Gary, Indiana at the beginning) IM me or email me. I would be happy to share...
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    Disneyland Music Loops

    Thank you for the great list! When I was trying to put the complete loop on CD a year or two ago, I wish I had the information you just posted. Here's a question- Back in the days of a certain MP3 sharing program that shall remain nameless, I downloaded recordings of the Hello Dolly, Oklahoma...