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    Main Street Christmas Music Loop

    Does anyone have a complete recording of this they would be willing to share? I've managed to track down all the various recordings, but it's going to take $50 to buy all the LPs, then the money/time to convert LPs to MP3 and then make CDs. If no one has a copy, I would be glad to post the...
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    Extra copy of Disneyland: Inside Story

    Guys, I have an extra copy of Disneyland the Inside Story by Randy Bright. I would like to get rid of it, but I don't want to just put it up for bid on Ebay or something like that. I'd rather get some good Disney stuff out of it. So, what I'd like to do is trade for some Disney music or if...
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    Disneyland LPs

    I'm trying to find a place where I can either buy these old Disney LPs or trade someone for a CD rip of them - any suggestions? Here's what I'm looking for: Golden Horseshoe Review (1959) Disneyland WDL-1013 Disneyland Band Concert (1956) Disneyland WDL - 3002 Slue Foot Sue's Golden Horseshoe...
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    It's a Small World LP question

    OK, so I managed to download all the various countries from the 1964 LP, but I have no idea what order they go in. Any LP or Small World afficionados who can arrange this list in the proper order would be my hero - Belgium England Egypt France Germany Greece Holland Japan Morocco Scandinavia...
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    Wilderness Lodge Loop

    On a request from a friend, I am putting together the complete Wilderness Lodge loop. I am missing only two tracks (my classical/film score collection is bigger than I thought) that I didn't already have, but I can't find them. They are: Siyo Tanka - by Tim R. Crawford and Paul Stavenjord...
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    Disneyland Circlevision

    In working on trying to gather every possible DL track I could, I am now looking at the Circlevision shows. I have quality (non-live) recordings of the American Journeys and Wonders of China shows, but nothing else. Does anyone have a list of the other shows and/or quality recordings?
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    Trying to put together Ultimate Main Street CD

    Hello all! I have been working for a few months now on trying to put together an Ultimate Disneyland CD compilation. Right now, I'm working on Main Street Music. Below are the tracks I have, with a star by the ones I need to get to finish the CD. Does anyone have some of these or have more...