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    Earliest Paul Frees Tracks?

    Also, the TINPANORAMA album (1965).
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    Earliest Paul Frees Tracks?

    Fractured Flickers was a Jay Ward production, not a Disney production. It was a television show that ran from 1963-64 with Hans Conreid as the host. Basically what it did was they took old silent movies and dubbed them with silly and humorous dialogue. Frees and actress June Foray did many of...
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    Glenn Miller: When You Wish Upon a Star

    Btw, if anyone else is interested I found some of the complete listings of the big band music that plays in the parks for any Disney/swing music buffs like me. Sunset Boulevard Area - Disney-MGM Studios Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Andrews Sisters Ciribiribin - Harry James Don't Be That Way -...
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    Glenn Miller: When You Wish Upon a Star

    Also, don't forget they play big band music in the Leaning Palms area at Typhoon Lagoon.
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    Disneyland 6 CD Set Numbers

    I have #1370 from Walt Disney World.
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    Question About Ordering A Musical History Of Disneyland

    I was wondering if anyone knows if you can still order the Musical History Of Disneyland CD after the special LP copies are sold out. I personally don't really care if I get the limited edition with the LP or not, I just really want the six CD set. So, what I'm asking is, if DL & WDW is sold out...
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    A Musical History of Disneyland: The Facts

    Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts Wow this is an awesome CD set. I can't wait!!! Great work, Randy. Does anyone know if you can order the CD set from DelivEars on April 25th, or do you have to wait until May 3rd?