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    Pirates Underscore

    Anyone have the NEW Pirates underscore that i could download?
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    MAJOR Mansion Help!

    Does ANYONE have a downloadable MP3 version of Grim Grinning Ghosts from Club 33? If so, PLEASE post! :-
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    NEW Wonderland Titles

    Anyone know if they are going to be adding NEW Wonderland Titles. Would like to see those records that has the magic mirror covers and FAMILY BAND LP and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Also, Black Cauldron LP!
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    Does anyone anyplace BESIDES Ebay where i can find a copy? I DK why BV Music didnt just release it on CD like MILLIONAIRE or BEDKNOBS.
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    What HAVE THEY DONE!????? It sounds like King Tritons Carousel DOES King Arthurs!!! WHYYYYYYYYYY Did they chaange it at THIS time??? KING ARTHUR was the ONLY Carousel i know that played MKs OLD Carousel loop. Now it sounds liek some carny crap that does NOT match Fantasyland!!!! AAAAGH! They...
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    6-CD PPLMOVER Track

    What happened here!? >:( The NATION ON WHEELS_PEOPLEMOVER startes off saying "And now lets take a ride on the PPLMOVER but then it starts playing the Monorail Song!!!! There is NO PPLMOVER ridetrough or music! Can SOMEONE please explain this? Randy?
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    WDW 2-DISC

    When is this supposed to come out? ???
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    Castle Music Loop working??

    Is the music loop in Cinderella Castle still working? I have not heard since April! >:(
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    Mickey Mouse Disco, Totally Minnie, & Splashdance

    Are these still available from DeliverEars via Wonderland Music? BTW, im new here. :)