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    Playlist Trader Sam's [Holiday]

    Jay, it is worth noting that a fully accurate playlist for this loop based on a reference recording, was posted to MouseBits back in winter 2014/2015. That playlist begins with Silent Night from Santa's Gone Hawaiian and varies on one or two source album selections. I point this out only so...
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    Disney Theme Park Classics CD 2017

    Well, looks like despite the January 20, 2017 release date listed on Amazon, this set is unchanged from its original release back in 2013: Memorable Disney Musical Moments Featured in New CD Boxed Set at Disney Parks So nothing new here I guess?
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    Disney Theme Park Classics CD 2017

    Just came across this CD, which Amazon lists as having been released January 20, 2017: 1. Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room [From Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room], The 2. Swisskapolka [From Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse] 3. Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) [From Pirates of the Caribbean] 4. Splash...
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    Playlist Day One Disneyland Exhibit

    Club 33 submitted a new playlist: Day One Disneyland Exhibit Read more about this playlist...
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    DL The Star Trader [2003]

    Tomorrowland The Star Trader Background Music [2003] (c. 2003 to July 27, 2010) 01. The Unidentified Flying Object 1:59 Perrey and Kingsley The In Sound from Way Out! B00074Q7BA the-unidentified-flying-object/712013935?i=712014211 B001EUX41C 02. The Little Man from Mars 2:28 Perrey and...
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    DL Frontierland Area Music [2012]

    Disneyland Park • Frontierland Frontierland Area Music [2012] (January 9, 2012 to Present Day) 01. Buffalo Gals / Polly Wolly Doodle 2:24 Various Artists Greatest Cowboy Songs Ever B0000062UU buffalo-gals-polly-wolly-doodle/358133200?i=358133216 B003A98KOG 02. Don't Fence Me In 2:21 Various...
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    DL Paradise Park [2010] - Paradise Park [2010]

    iTunes links need to be added... Disney California Adventure • Paradise Pier Paradise Park Area Music [2010] (April 8, 2010 to Present Day) 01. Stardust 4:17 Don Neely's Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Stardust B00000DWL0 02. Fragrance 4:04 The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra Salon to Swing...
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    DL CA Food & Wine Festival [2010] - CA Food & Wine Festival [2010]

    Disney California Adventure • Sunshine Plaza Disney's California Food & Wine Festival Area Music [2010] (April 16, 2010 to May 31, 2010) 01. Santa Barbara ≈4:35 Benise Nights of Fire! B000EJ9VCU santa-barbara/id308280759?i=308280784 B001INKXO6 02. The Empress ≈3:50 Ancient Future Asian...
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    DL CA Food & Wine Festival [2009] - CA Food & Wine Festival [2009]

    Disney California Adventure • Sunshine Plaza Disney's California Food & Wine Festival Area Music [2009] (April 24, 2009 to June 7, 2009) 01. Santa Barbara 4:53 Benise Nights of Fire B000EJ9VCU santa-barbara/id308280759?i=308280784 B001VW9SJU 02. Miracle 2:46 Twelve Girls Band Eastern Energy...
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    DL Grand Californian Exterior - Grand Californian Exterior

    Disney's Grand Californian Hotel Grand Californian Exterior Area Music (January 2, 2001 to Present Day) 01. A Mother's Heart 6:02 Craig Chaquico Four Corners B00000JCGC a-mothers-heart/id724891626?i=724892946 B000TDD2Q2 02. Hotel California 6:32 [✄ to ≈0:48] Eagles Hotel California...
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    Magic Music Goes Mobile, Charts New Course

    Gotcha. Thanks Jay!
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    Magic Music Goes Mobile, Charts New Course

    In the mean time, there is no way even for authors to access our old blog posts/playlists? What about content that was in a draft state?
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    Should I Buy Disneyland Legacy Collection?

    Well, basically all the Legacy Collection set is is the current (2013) Disneyland Resort Official Album (which includes tracks from DCA) with an extra disc of "vintage" material almost entirely drawn from earlier offical album releases. I think the only totally new track (new being relative of...
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    O Canada! Queue Music

    Was this in the waiting area or inside the CircleVision theater itself? The load/unload music for the show was made available as part of the O' Canada track canada-youre-lifetime-journey/id685027162?i=685027352on the current WDW Official Album.
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    Disney Springs Area Music

    Guest its a good spot! Although the mushroom speaker I used looked brand new, so perhaps they replaced the speakers recently (there's also some parade route-style speakers over by Once Upon A Toy that look fairny new).
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    Disney Springs Area Music

    Yup, I chose the very same spot!
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    Tomorrowland Area Music [DL/WDW]

    Ah ha Nelson, you beat me to it! Noticed this last week and finally got around today to recording it. I believe the version of the loop they're playing now is the one created for Disneyland, which has always had The Monorail Song included. The new loop is exactly the same as the previous 2003...
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    Disney Springs Area Music

    Spent two long hours yesterday recording the new Marketplace BGM. While the other areas of DTD/Disney Springs are playing a selection of fairly typical mall needledrop music, the Marketplace has a totally original loop of Disney songs arranged in a jazz-techno-fusion style. It got to be one of...
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    Playlist Echo Lake

    The playlist associated with this thread seems to have disappeared.
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    New Grand Floridian Society Orchestra Christmas CD

    It is legitimate, and can be found on sale at the Grand Flordian (in season) for $17.95. The UPC on the back of the CD is 884501641548. The CD was released in 2011 and contains the following tracks: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (3:21) Home for the Holidays (3:17) The Christmas Song...