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    Commercially Available Parks Music

    This is also available on Apple Music. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Treehouse Villas BGM

    News to me! I didn’t even know you could easily get to the THV’s from springs. Did you have to ride the boat? I’ll be there Friday—maybe I can check it out.
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    MP3 Tag Naming for Disney Music

    Thanks for the feedback! Scott
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    MP3 Tag Naming for Disney Music

    Hey all: Just wondering what sort of MP3 Tags people use for Disney many cases, Artists are unknown, Albums are non-existent. I want to easily be able to find, say, BGM from AK---I use "Disney Park Audio" as the Genre for it all, but the loops I've downloaded have all sorts of crap...
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    Adventureland Veranda Area Music

    AprilDecember: Sweet!! Thanks a million! At the risk of sounding greedy (and feel free to tell me to STFU), any chance for: Cover Art; and just MAYBE individual tracks? (edit: I see the track list up above. DOH!!!) Like I said, I'm VERY appreciative, and don't want to seem that I'm...
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    Playlist Tiki Room: New Management Entrance

    This is one of my favorite genres of music, believe it or not! All 4 tunes at WDW/ETR (UNM) in the preshow are Martin Denny. I meant to write them down the last time I was out there, but I forgot. I believe Baia is another (also spelled Bahia). More artists to check out...Les Baxter, Gene...
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    Adventureland Veranda Area Music

    I tried to PM the OP of this original poster, but apparently he/she doesn't visit that often. I'm very interested in the Bruns/Hawaiian Strings "Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii" LP, but the only copy I've seen is about $78.00. Is it worth it? I love Disney Music, and Tiki/Hawaiiana, so this...