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    OT: Two awesome new Disney books

    The entire text of Down and Out In The Magic Kingdom is available as a free download at the following site: The author has chosen to make the book available free on the internet as well as through traditional retailers.
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    Looks like the FTP site is back. :)
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    You've got a lot of great files there! :) Is there any way you can lower the "Low CPS Limit" on Main Street Electrical Parade Xmas.mp3? It is a cherished favorite of mine, but I have never found a full recording of the whole parade track from XMas and unfortunately due to my dial-up...
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    OT: Possible Haunted Mansion Updates

    Re:You know what I don't understand? I know. The sad thing is if these types of movies do marginally well, we're going to see even more of them.
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    OT: Possible Haunted Mansion Updates

    While not music related, it seems word has it if the new Haunted Mansion movie scheduled for release later this year (November) does well in theaters, they plan to pull the current version of Madame Leota and replace her with Jennifer Tilly who plays her in the film. This will be one of several...
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    I just found out about the site today, and from all the posts I'm looking forward to checking the site out. I had nearly all of my Disney media (attraction sounds, videos, pictures, etc.) stored on a USB harddrive and this past winter it died on me. :( I lost over 10 Gigs of material. :(...
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    Track list for "WHERE MAGIC LIVES ON" The Offical Album of WDW

    And to think I was hoping for a great new CD release from the parks this year. :(
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    Oh, Gosh!

    Hey Sharon, Yes, I promise that I'll stick around this time. How have you been? I was at the World back in December and it was absolutely beautiful. :) I love seeing all the X-Mas decorations. We stayed at the Grand Floridian and went to MVMCP twice (have been to the World once before...
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    Oh, Gosh!

    Anyone remember me? I realized that it had been almost a year since I last posted here on the board. :( I feel so ashamed! How has everyone been? I've since moved on from my first position with Disney and am now working for another division of the company that I'm very happy with. :) I hope...
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    Randy Was On HSN Disney Art Classics Show

    Don't know how many of you saw it, but Disney is starting a collectibles show on HSN (Home Shopping Network). The show debuted this week and they had a new pin series exclusive to HSN. On Wednesday night on their 8:00 PM ET show Randy was on at the end to promote the Classic Disney 1-5 CD...
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    Off topic WDW question

    According to a source of mine this is true and here's what they told me: Back before WDW opened they were selling Lifetime passes for the tune of $5,000. They were good essentially forever. As to date there are supposedly less than 100 of them still around. There is no word on exactly how...
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    As Sharon said they sell the DVD in World of Disney and it seems at all Resort Gift Shops as well and in most of the shops I was in at all the theme parks. Don't worry you won't have trouble finding it. ;)
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    Siemens Ring Tones....

    I've got a Nokia 5190 from Voicestream. Anyone know where I can get some Disney ringtones for that phone? I'd really like a Main Street Electrical Parade tone. I've seen them for other phones but not the 5190 on the Voicestream network. :(
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    Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD

    If HBOND is like any of Disney's past releases that have been pretty much "bare-bone" releases, we'll see it re-issued in a new edition in a little bit. ;) If there was plans to release it as a 2 disc and it was rushed to get it out in time for the sequel, they probably already had to have put...
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    Walt Disney Studios Paris Grand Opening!

    If you happen to be up like me right now, you can watch the grand opening of Walt Disney Studios Paris through either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player at the following address: March 16th - 2:30 AM Eastern / 11:30 PM Pacific (March 15th)...
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    Welcome to the New Discussion Forum!

    I wondered why I hadn't been getting any emails saying there were new posts to read. ??? Trent, it's great to have you back and a new board to boot. Glad to be back with everyone discussing the wonderful world of Disney Music! :) Brandon