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    Another hurdle for Disney Radio stations

    Couldn't let this one pass.. Should I be required to begin paying royalties to keep my station broadcasting I'll probably pull the plug. The majority of broadcasters at Live365 are hobbyists and make no money for their work. We actually pay for storage space on Live365's servers. Live365 sells...
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    Disneyland Music Loops

    *bump* Ken asked about the banjo music from the Keel Boats. I think some of this is still used on the Mark Twain while it is loading/unloading but it isn't used behind the attraction narration anymore. The only song I recognize is "Ballad of Ol' Betsy". I have an easy question I'm too lazy to...
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    Live 365 suspends stations

    My station was Day at Disneyland and I've changed the name to E Ticket Radio. Flub
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    Live 365 suspends stations

    I'm one of the affected broadcasters at Live365. Thought I would share the email we all received the other day. It was titled "Termination of your broadcast station": "Hi, We have received notices regarding other disney marks and in reviewing our site thoroughly we have come across your use of...