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  1. ArnyVee

    Jay, that was indeed a birthday button. It was during my last trip to DHS in April for my...

    Jay, that was indeed a birthday button. It was during my last trip to DHS in April for my birthday :)
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    is updating :)

    is updating :)
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    Brown Derby - Interior BGM

    Let's see....hmm.....stab in the dark, but.....they had no clue? :-
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    Post Away!

    I love Disney music & stuff. :)
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    Disneyland 25th Anniversary Parade (downloads available)

    Quality was great on those! Definately looking forward to hearing more! :D
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    Shop on Main St. at WDW

    I made a quick stop at the kiosk during a conference this past week in Orlando and found the same "out of order" sign. >:(
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    Elusive Audio Files

    I'd like a clean copy of the Liberty Square BGM at the Magic Kingdom.
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    Tarzan Rocks

    It keeps saying that I can't access the page for some reason. I'm a member of VisionsFantastic, so not sure why.
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    Musical History of Disneyland CD Set #'s....

    Any new sets out there?
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    BGM... Which park has the best BGM?

    My initial reaction was...Magic Kingdom. But, the Studios sure does have some very good BGM. I mean, my favorite attraction BGM is there (Tower of Terror) and I really enjoy the Sunset Blvd music along with the TGMR BGM as well. Hmm...tight race, but I think that overall the Main Street music...
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    That's why I love Disney and Disney music! Something with this quality done for a limited time event like this just shows that they care about what is put out to their guests!
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    New Music from Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

    I know that has a video of the fireworks. Great music and very solid fireworks show.
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    WDR and Wonderland UPDATE

    X-S Tech kinda stole my thunder....but, he's exactly right! Due to the great sales of the 6-CD set and the volumes being moved, that should definitely bring forth some very good times for Randy and for us! Thanks for everything that you do Randy! We absolutely appreciate your efforts and look...
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    a song to melt the heart. Beautiful and gone.

    I loved Horizons and can't stand the fact that it was replaced with a ride that spins and makes people ill. At least make an attraction that is 'thrilling' but not so thrilling that you have to hug a toilet bowl when finished with it. :P Makes me sad when I see the Mission Space building. And...
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    Way OT (final update 5/28/06)

    Re:Way OT Chuck and David, Good luck to the both of you getting you and your family's lives back to normal! David, on the 'moving to Orlando' thing. Do what you'd like to do! If that makes you happy, then do it! But, consider everything that Sharon and the others mentioned because without a...
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    Jim Brickman: The Disney Songbook - Read Our Interview

    I listened to the audio samples on his website and I will be sure to pick up this CD. Great sounding stuff!
  17. ArnyVee

    Musical History of Disneyland CD Set #'s....

    Added grendel's set and also another one that I just caught on eBay. Any others out there?
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    Musical History of Disneyland CD Set #'s....

    Another EBAY set added. A few of the 'black' vinyl sets have been for sale (although, haven't tracked ending prices) lately, but not a lot of action on those. Remember, if you have a set number that is not listed on the first post of this thread, let me know so that I can add you.