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  1. Magic Music

    Playlist Skipper Canteen

    Paul or DizBand, did either of you make a reference recording? I'd like to add this to the Playlists Manager, but am reluctant to do so without having track times and the ability to narrow down source albums. Stuck without an AP until Disney decides to begin selling them again, I may not be able...
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    Playlist Storytellers Café

    far fa-cog fa-spin UNDER CONSTRUCTION far fa-cog fa-spin Playlist is coming soon!
  3. Magic Music

    WDW Polynesian Village Resort [2010] - "Sweet Violet" Has Gone M.I.A.!

    Track 22, "Sweet Violet," has gone M.I.A. as of sometime in 2021. Why or how, we haven't a clue. "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!"
  4. Magic Music

    Playlist Tangaroa Terrace

    The South Sea Serenaders tracks are available as digital downloads from Amazon UK, Amazon JP, and Qobuz: Ua Haavarevare B007K0PITQ B007JZ0CC0 The Far Lands B007K0PJ7M B007JZ0CJS...
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    Playlist Trader Sam's

    Formatted for new Playlist Manager. 😎
  6. Magic Music

    Playlist Tangaroa Terrace

    Thanks for this! Love me some Polynesia! 🙂
  7. Magic Music

    Playlist The Mara

    Well, there you go, folks! I managed to kill two birds on the same day: I finished off the playlist... and I answered a 12-year-old burning question! :)
  8. Magic Music

    Playlist The Mara

    Take a listen to Wéré Wéré To.
  9. Magic Music

    Playlist The Mara

    I have finally taken the time to re-visit my recording of The Mara loop. I have gone through my existing AKL CD collection, and as I had originally predicted, I was able to find Track 29: 29. Menebo Nden 6:18 Moussa Doumbia Sound d'Afrique, Vol. 2: Soukous B000003QIA Kumaliza! 😎 You waited...
  10. Magic Music

    WDW The Mara - Kumaliza!

    I have finally taken the time to identify Track 29. Finished!
  11. Magic Music

    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    From a barrage of emails received from Vanessa McGill, Esq. during Aug-Nov 2020 claiming this thread "has caused and continues to cause [David] and his business irreparable damage": We'll get right on that, Vanessa. 🙃
  12. Magic Music

    WDW BGM + Soundtrack Collection

    Some of the resort loops, dare I say, really throw me for a loop. 🙃 Where do people get this stuff from? The first one I decided to listen to, Polynesian Resort Christmas, is terribly wrong. Missing tracks, added tracks, wrong order, wrong running time.😞...
  13. Magic Music

    Source BGM CDs

    I've ran into a few here and there. eBay, garage sales, etc. In our Cover Art Gallery, you'll find a scan for one that I've got that holds a Food & Wine loop for IPcot.
  14. Magic Music

    Playlist Polynesian Village Resort [2010]

    The covers load for me. Are you still having this problem?
  15. Magic Music

    Playlist Polynesian Resort [Holiday]

    Nope. It's still the same 1993 CD on endless repeat. 🤪
  16. Magic Music

    Playlist Adventurers Club

    We climb the highest mountains, just to get a better view. We plumb the deepest oceans, because we're daring through and through. We cross the scorching desert, martinis in our hand. We ski the polar ice caps, in tuxedos looking grand. We are reckless, brave, and loyal, and valiant to the end...
  17. Camel Caravan Broadcasts

    Camel Caravan Broadcasts

    Camel Caravan Broadcasts. Used in the Adventurers Club loop. 80px.
  18. Magic Music

    Playlist Polynesian Village Resort [2010]

    Strange! How many of the other 80 tracks did you listen to / confirm? I will add a note that Sweet Violet is M.I.A. But, without knowing when it happened, or why, I'm reluctant to make any changes to the (2010) playlist as it appears here. Not for a single track! 😆 Magic Music updated...
  19. Magic Music

    Playlist Polynesian Village Resort [2010]

    I had to force myself to listen to that guy for more than 30 seconds. 😝 You can listen to Sweet Violet (starting at 22:28) by clicking on the radio here: A wonderful program, btw. 🙂
  20. Magic Music

    Playlist Adventurers Club

    Funny. I can see the playlist just fine. 😂 I am going to make the playlist visible, very shortly, but I am going to present it without links for most of the selections, as I am not 100% confident as to where they were sourced. Guessing just isn't what we like to do here.