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    Epcot Odyssey Restaurant BGM - 1982-1996

    There are covers for many of those songs, all instrumental, performed by Toots Thielemans. Since you seem to remember the harmonica solos, I wonder if that's his performances were being used for the loop.
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    Star Wars Weekends [2009]

    It's interesting to see what songs they selected for each location -- guessing the Tatooine Meet and Greet actually had bounty hunters, considering the tracks are Zam, Jango or Boba Fett related. Wish the "to follow" lists were completed.
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    New Official Park Albums Available on August 20

    Pecos Bill - Frontierland Touch the Sky - Fantasy Faire Bibbibi-Bobbidi-Boo - Fantasy Faire? Notes: Still have not found any place in Disneyland's Frontierland playing this version of Pecos Bill. It's not from the area music. Touch the Sky - Played at the Fantasy Fair exteriour...
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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    I believe Touch the Sky is from Fantasy Faire, Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo is from the new Fantasyland area music (which is synced with the carousel arrangements)
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    New Official Park Albums Available on August 20

    Oh, but you know the tracks you'll want will be album only. ;-)
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    New Official Park Albums Available on August 20

    "The Throne Room" may also be a track from the Star Wars soundtracks (so, representing Star Tours, where the on-ride portion just uses edits of the original soundtracks for underscore). "The Cleaner" might be from Toy Story 2, as a song that was originally used for the Bay Area of DCA. Though...
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    WDW New Fantasyland Music

    Apparently, a lot of the Tangled Restroom *is* needledrop.
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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    Unfortunately, the Official Albums really didn't sell that well (nor does Disney Parks Audio, look at Disneyland/WDW Forever), so it does make sense why Disney had pulled back on releasing that particular souvenir type. Physical media, unfortunately, is well on its way to Yesterland as well...
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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    Well, Disney California Adventure has had "The Music of Cars Land" and "The Circle Sessions" released.
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    Any New Music at Disneyland?

    If you don't have them already, they should still be selling the "Music of Cars Land" and "Carthay Circle Sessions" CDs. Unless you're looking into buying a lot of CDs to reassemble the newer area loops and whatnot.
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    World of Disney [DLRP]

    Looks like Disney Dreams pops up whenever the Philharmagic loop has track from Return to Neverland. A case of it just being "well, that's Peter Pan-like, but I don't recognize it from the original soundtrack?"
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    Main Street, U.S.A. Area Music [2012]

    If referring to the new loop, while certain songs selected are the same as on the older loops... the recording itself is an entirely new arrangement and performance.
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    The Disneyland Hotel Project

    You're lucky you just started this project now. The Fantasy Tower actually went through 3 different loops in less than a year (turns out, those loops still exist in some portions of the hotel, such as Goofy's Kitchen and the exterior/valet of the Hotel). So, if you're trying to get all of the...
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    The Disneyland Hotel Project

    A Lilo and Stich track did end up at the Paradise Pier Hotel's PCH Grill... guess they were trying to make a break between the beach/surf for PCH Grill, and the tropics feel for Tangaroa/Sam's.
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    The Disneyland Hotel Project

    Unfortunately, Disney doesn't have a lot of properties that are westerns anymore... not any that Guests would readily recognize and get them in the mood of a Frontier experience. A lot of the songs played in that tower were used in the 1995-2011 Frontierland in-park loop, as well.
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    The Disneyland Hotel Project

    I think you also had the Tangaroa Terrace exterior loop as well, didn't you Club 33?
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    This does explain a heck of a lot, though... why certain edits on tracks end up being "good enough" for in-park use... when they sound pretty jarring when listened to outside of context.
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    Disneyland's Mike Fink Keel Boats

    From the old Disneyland Music Loops thread: Based on a 1997 live recording of the attraction can confirm two of the songs that were played during the latter years, and source albums. "Chicken Pickin' Rag" and "Down South" -- both performed by the Banjo Kings (by Good Time Jazz records... same...
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    Disney Dream BGM

    I think the "don't say I don't know" thing used to mean... work with the guest and find someone who does. Do the job right. Instead, people decided to make it "just make something up. They're tourists, what do they know?"