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  1. freedomnoise13

    Body Wars Queue

    Soundman, do you remember approximately how long the loop ran (duration) and in what areas? Thanks again for the info, this album helps me sleep at night!
  2. freedomnoise13

    Body Wars Queue

    Awesome! You wouldn't happen to have your notes still on the edits, would you? I just bought this album last week, absolutely love it!
  3. freedomnoise13

    Body Wars Queue

    No disrespect but do you have a source? I've actually never heard this before.
  4. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Yacht & Beach Club Resorts [Holiday]

    freezing cold? this coming from the only state w/o any snow? :D
  5. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Animal Kingdom Lodge [2002]

    right you are, thanks horizons, and its available on iTunes.
  6. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Animal Kingdom Lodge [2002]

    I have the Worotan cd in front of me and there's no track entitled Denko. The only track that runs close to 5:10 is Baba which has already been identified elsewhere in the loop.
  7. freedomnoise13

    got my copy of Lombardo's Hawaiian Songs in the mail today, o happy day!

    got my copy of Lombardo's Hawaiian Songs in the mail today, o happy day!
  8. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Sunshine Tree Terrace

    Is the sunshine pavilion loop the same as the sunshine tree terrace loop?
  9. freedomnoise13

    almost done with Echo Lake reconstruction

    almost done with Echo Lake reconstruction
  10. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Pop Century Resort [2010]

    I wouldn't mind 50 years of Polynesian music! Is the rumor true that each decade of the resort has it's own loop?
  11. freedomnoise13

    Handheld Device Offers Descriptions for Guests with Disabilities

    do you have to pay to use these? how does that work?
  12. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Animal Kingdom Lodge [2001]

    Thanks for the playlist. Stars to Share is a great album!
  13. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Animal Kingdom Lodge [2001]

    does this loop still play by the pool?
  14. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Mickey Avenue

    I'm sure others are already working on this but here are some edits for a couple of the tracks. 8. “Overture (My Fair Lady)” Album: My Fair Lady OST Time: 0:34- 2:06 16. “A Homeward Bound Overture” Album: Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco Time: 0:00- 0:53 18. “Overture (Mary Poppins)”...
  15. freedomnoise13

    Musical History of WDW?

    I recently emailed Merchandise Guest Services to ask if we were ever going to get a Musical History collection for WDW, much like the one Disneyland got. They responded fairly quickly: Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts with us. We make every attempt to provide our Guests with...
  16. freedomnoise13

    Help with The Great Movie Ride/The Land Track

    Is there a separate loop for the interior of GMR?
  17. freedomnoise13

    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    I don't know what all this means but sounds like the guy's in trouble! ;)
  18. freedomnoise13

    Playlist Tiki Room: New Management Entrance

    may I request an mp3 rip? :D
  19. freedomnoise13

    is taking up skeleton

    is taking up skeleton