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    The Circle Sessions (Carthay Circle Restaurant)

    Any word on a physical release?
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    Toy Story 3 Soundtrack

    'TS3' soundtrack NOT getting CD release
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    Annette Funicello - Let's Get Together

    Not certain it's the exact same recording as in the film, but her duet with Tommy Sands is available as part of :itunes: Walt Disney Records Archive Collection, Vol. 1.
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    Walt Disney Treasures DVDs

    Unfortunately, the 'collectible map' inside the Passport was considered to be an exclusive keepsake item.
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    Walt Disney Treasures DVDs

    For clarification; "The Living Desert" was made available as part of the Walt Disney Legacy Collection. Walt Disney Treasures do not contain any of the True Life Adventure films. The Legacy...
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    Help! Looking for 1983 Official EPCOT album on CD or MP3

    Re: Help! Looking for 1983 Official EPCOT album on CD or MP3 WORD!
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    New CD For Completists Only

    American Music Legends Presents Walt Disney - Cracker Barrel Exclusive $11.99 1 it's a small world (New York World's Fair - 1964) 2 Heigh-Ho (Snow White- 1937) 3 The Bare Necessities (Jungle Book - 1967) 4 Ballad of Davy Crockett (Davy Crockett - 1954) 5 When You Wish Upon a Star...
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    Rights to Use Disney Music

    Here's a place to start: Wendy Leitman, VP Counsel Walt Disney Music Legal 818-560-2225 PHONE 818-563-2538 FAX What you want to do is license the material for a podcast. I'm not certain Disney will cooperate with third party podcast productions, but this is probably...
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    True Life Adventures

    Wow. That is so incredibly offensive I woudn't know where to start schooling you about it. I'll just say you're a complete idiot and leave it at that.
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    Ludwig von Drake

    You know, that's a really good question, Michael. Many of the burned CDs I purchased from the Wonderland Music system had serious digital...'aliasing' for lack of a better word and made some tracks sound as if they were recorded underwater. Also between some tracks there were horrible pops...
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    Ludwig von Drake

    I don't really know how to respond to this without getting into a more heated debate. You're obviously both of the 'iTunes converted'. Suffice to say, I went through quite of bit of consternation to get the covers to print the correct size - finally copitulating that it wasn't going to happen...
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    Ludwig von Drake

    Thank you, Howard - your suggestion worked beautfully. Although the insert it produces is slightly smaller than a standard insert. Please forgive my ignorance over iTunes (non-intuitive) artwork printing process. I have to say I still feel mostly slighted by the whole iTunes thing in...
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    Ludwig von Drake

    It worked like you said, almandot, however it simply offers up a larger picture with no option to print, copy or save the image. I decided to do a print screen and edit in paint. I still think it's irresponsible of Disney not to provide a pdf file of the artwork, formatted for CDR jewel cases...
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    Ludwig von Drake

    I'll give that a shot...
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    Ludwig von Drake

    When I click 'get artwork' the message in the little window says 'artwork not modifiable' and nothing appears at all.
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    Ludwig von Drake

    Does anyone have a clean scan of the lp artwork from this release they could post a jpg of? I'm gutted that the artwork is not provided on iTunes for these collections and would love to have artwork to put in with my blank CDR.
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    Question about "Dueling Quackers"

    Are you listening in mono? If you listen on headphones its easier to tell that they are split between the left and right, with Goofy on the left and Donald on the right.
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    Should Disney Theme Park Music Be Released on iTunes?

    I, for one, am dead set against iTunes downloads of Disney music, because even after all this time on the market, iTunes still has not come up with a method of distributing artwork files and therefore all you get for your $9.99 is a generic CDR (unless you have an Ipod) with unidentifiable audio...
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    Mouse Tracks!!!

    That is incredibly generous Greg! I like having the hardcover myself - it feels more authentic; but I don't want you to go out of your way for something that it's not supposed to have in the first place. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I knew I was asking in the right place! I'll...
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    Mouse Tracks!!!

    Hi Tim! Great book! I have a question though; I ordered the hard cover version of Mouse Tracks and it came without the beautiful cover/sleeve posted in this thread. Is that because it's the hard cover version or should I send it back to Amazon for a replacement with the cover/sleeve? Thanks...