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  1. s8ntmark

    Gran Fiesta Tour Screen Audio?

    I was over on Mousebits and someone mention that some of the screen animation had leaked and was out in the wild. I'm trying to build a Gran Fiesta tour ride thru (and want to try and use as little live elements as possible). I was wondering if anyone had some intel about where I might find that...
  2. s8ntmark

    Another World's Fair CD Set Update

    But.....My birthday :( sniff.... sniff.....
  3. s8ntmark

    HMH Disney Gallery Loop?

    bumpity bump
  4. s8ntmark

    Hey Randy? - Vic Perrin?

    You know, there has been so much discussion and pondering about who the first narrator of Spaceship Earth was, why not just ask Randy?? Certainly he would know! Just a suggestion...
  5. s8ntmark


    Is he back yet?
  6. s8ntmark

    HMH Disney Gallery Loop?

    I have a version of the Haunted Mansion Holiday Disney Gallery loop (Its the loop they played in the back room where all the HMH artwork was during one of the Haunted Mansion shows) but its only about a minute and (28?) seconds. I also have a badly recorded LIVE version of it that I did and...
  7. s8ntmark


    Maybe he just doesnt want to reset his password ;) What a minute, didnt he pull this business before?? He'll be back, sooner or later we all come back :D
  8. s8ntmark

    World's Fair Box Set finally released!

    Sorry, I didnt mean too :/ I was unaware of the changing release dates....but I hope this one sticks, its being released the day before my birthday!!
  9. s8ntmark

    World's Fair Box Set finally released!

    I mean, I know everyone already has it...and I'm sure this isn't new news, but I just saw that the worlds Fair box set is FINALLY set for release next year! With a Mysterious 5th disc of unknown content, Oooooooo. Go See!
  10. s8ntmark

    Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box "Dream" Release

    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box ?Dream? Release GAH!! Ive been looking for the Piano/Harsipcord track from this! :D and some isolated theme music :D Perhaps, maybe just.....perhaps
  11. s8ntmark

    Spaceship Earth

    I just watched it on Youtube and I agree, Judi Dench's voice sounds very shrill....if only i could have understood anything she said ;) I actually kind of liked the music, its just that there weren't any strong themes.
  12. s8ntmark

    MSEP question

    Well if memory serves correctly, Disneylands Fantasmic CD had a B side of MSEP....and It was WAY longer than 5 minutes, it even had float music that wasn't in the parade that I ever saw (Like the Return to Oz float).....Were the DL and WDW parades different? If not, I'm sure you can track down a...
  13. s8ntmark

    The Enchanted Tiki Room

    ....Who ALSO passed away! Its the Pierre curse!
  14. s8ntmark

    DL Christmas Esplenade Loop

    aCTUALLY i WAS THERE ON nEWS dAY and they WERE playing the christmas loop (I think it was Sleigh ride) I didnt stay to listen to the rest but I remember there was a difference from the normal loop....If id been alone I might have stuck around.
  15. s8ntmark

    Tokyo Disneyland HMH Nightmare CD?

    From what Ive heard...there is a new bit of music in the library area...where the evil stuffed mickey is playing the piano...Its pretty cool. OH! There also seems to be a really cool queue track playing outside. But I think other then that its identical.
  16. s8ntmark

    Minnie Oh! Minnie - TDR CD

    Hmmm, theres something very wrong about that title... Minnie Oh Minnie! oh OH minnie!! :P ;D
  17. s8ntmark

    New 6-CD Disneyland Set: odd noise in Carousel of Progress Tracks?

    PS. Isnt the Clock track for Small World amazing?? ;D
  18. s8ntmark

    New 6-CD Disneyland Set: odd noise in Carousel of Progress Tracks?

    Its really fun thats it there, I really like it and Id never heard it before. But I can even see why it wasnt used in the attraction. Im not sure it was ever used though, Ive been riding Splash since the beginning and I dont remember it ever being in the attraction. Hey anyone who is...
  19. s8ntmark

    OT - I wanna be a boom!

    Is there really a Maestro Boom? oh NO! Sharon, you better stay gone for say....6 years? The way I ve been posting lately, It might take a while ;D Although to be fair, Im really not trying to beat anyone....just reach God status myself ;)
  20. s8ntmark

    6-CD PPLMOVER Track

    (Why anyone in their right mind would ask this I dont know, but here goes...... ) Hey XS, Any Idea where one can find these 6 Capital records selections on disc or something....were they ever officially released? :D