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    **One Little Spark NEW VERSION INSIDE**

    Do you know the lyrics though?
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    **One Little Spark NEW VERSION INSIDE**

    Does anyone have the lyrics to the new version? - Ed
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    Roadshow Happiest Millionaire Song Order?

    Yes that is the correct order. I wish that Randy had put the songs for Bedknobs and Pete's Dragon in order. Why is it that Bedknobs could not have been given a release like Mary Poppins with the complete songs. Randy stated legal reasons at the cause, but why were these same legal problems...
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    Rescuers D. U. & Pete's reissues

    My Pete's Dragon CD has recently started having a problem, I have never had this happen before BTW. On the track of "I saw a Dragon" near the end the track breaks up as if it were a corrupted wave file. I know Disney backs their DVDs for life, how about their CDs? won't replace it...
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    incidental music in "A Bug's Life"

    It's on the Bug Life DVD. THe entitre film score is.
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    **One Little Spark NEW VERSION INSIDE**

    Anyone know why this link doesn't work? I'd very much like to hear the new version of "One Little Spark". Also, does anyone know if a good quality version of the complete ride exists? I'd like to find a copy somewhere. - Ed