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    the first of the new cd machines

    well i picked up some of the new discs from the new CD machines. A few were pre-pressed, and the wait for the others was minimal.the cast member seemed semi-excited about the new set up. AMERICA SINGS and COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE were fine, however THE ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM & JUNGLE CRUISE had no...
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    Playlist Sunshine Tree Terrace

    hmmmmm........well.if you must know.the Sunshine Pavilion music that's out circulating probably came from me.......The source was the retired 7.5 reel tape dated 12-1971 if you have a "full" copy it should run exactly 15:10 Sunshine Pavilion BGM WDW 12-71 obsolete : 10-25-1995 DC-88 SPACELINER
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    Circlevision Question for DC-33 Spaceliner

    well, Monsanto sponsored America the Beautiful and Magic Carpet 'round the world...Black and Decker sposored American Journeys............that featured a musical number as part of a preshow called Building for America...........but I have never heard any info as to Miracles from Molecules having...
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    The Land BGM

    ......Mesa Verde FLAVOR GRAPES!! (wink!) ..The strawberries and the tripple orb lemons and Limes were just genetically "enhanced" the giant lettuce heads. DC-88 SPACELINER
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    New DL Emporium Music?

    ...the new interior shop music is nice..........several other shops are also featuring music.......the Emporim music seemed to be differnet than the Disney Clothiers...and i did recognize on of the tracks from the of them is from a track set i have for WDW/TDL of the Crystal...
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    The Land BGM

    well.........LORANGES are great, but ya just ain't lived 'tll ya have a Mesa Verde PINANNA!! DC-88 SPACELINER
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    The Land BGM

    much of THE LAND music such as "Home on the range" and "Turkey in the Straw" that was on the WDW Forever system, was done during the original BIG THUNDER MT recording sessions.......those "western tracks" were actually used in the revolving restaurant: THE GOOD TURN. DC-88 SPACELINER
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    "Main St. USA" song HELP!

    Well, all the Disney Magic Kingdoms have used a variation of this...but it was originaly done for the Disneyland 25th Family Reunion Parade.(1980).....eventually WDW used it in htere Tencenial Parade ..... DC-88 SPACELINER
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    The Enchanted Tiki Room 40th Anniversary Info...

    well, yes..the original Disneyland ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM was somewhat altered sevral years ago: it was shortened...the entire performance of "Elfenchor" was completely deleated the same time this was done an entire new sound system was the overall sound quality was greatly...
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    "Wizard of Bras"??? What is this track?

    .the shop interior was designed to look like that of a ladies millinery .......the "magic-mirror" XS spoke of was a decorative oval mirror that was a part of an elaborate parlor guests looked into the mirror a view of a typical full-dressed lady would appear.....then as the...
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    more notes on the original WDW FL bgm

    I've forgotten where the original thread was for this.but a interesting side note: in the late 90's at Disneyland there was a meet & greet Chip and Dale area near El Zocolo in Frontierland..........people could pose for pixs with these two while they were dressed up as a sherrif and a...
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    Frontierland Shooting Gallery BGM

    I'm not sure what yer PeopleMover library consisted off. but the only thing Buddy may have done were the orchestrations for "Go, Go Good Year ."........and "The Monorail Song" (but i think that is George Bruns) I've metioned this hundreds of times about the PeopleMover music here. Go, Go...
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    WDW 20K Sub Narration

    another quick note about the names in attractions seeming very basic. Remember the name MR JOHNSON from Mission to Mars was in honor of the Johnson Space Labs /Center.they provided WED a great deal of imagery for the use in that attraction........the video footage used in Flight to the Moon was...
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    WDW 20K Sub Narration

    a quick response to why certain tracks were not made available on the WDW FOREVER systems, I think the real BIG reason is that the people in charge of selecting tracks were Disneyland fans and not real big WDW WDW kinda got a "little less passion" ........I know someone who had to...
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    Frontierland Shooting Gallery BGM

    The Capitol Records Media series were done from the 1950's and versions of them are done today. They were "rented" by radio and TV stations...I'm not sure what the legalities were for the actual I have heard PEOPLEMOVER music play on TV commercials, at Montogomery Wards Department...
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    Frontierland Shooting Gallery BGM

    Yup!.all those Western Movie and TV themes were origianlly aranged for DL Paris..........the Europeans view and knowlege of the OLD FAR WEST as portrayed on the big and small screens. Eventually many of the Paris arrangements found there way back to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. WDW was the...
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    DL Submarines/ Tony Baxter Question

    ............another interesting thing: The 1964 Revision provids a "tape" ride script as well as a "live" ride script. Maybe those audio-cartes wern't too realibale in the early days!! DC-88 SPACELINER
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    DL Submarines/ Tony Baxter Question

    I have Submarine Voyage scripts for Summer 1959, a revision for 10-1-1964, 06-06-1968, and a 06-1975........I don't what other scripts may have been done for this attraction, but of the four i have the 1975 is the only one with a mention of "Mr. Baxter" DC-88 SPACELINER
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    New WDW Tomorrowland BGM reality, I think WDW's Tomorrowland may have had a much LARGER song library.......these are a quick "come to mind" list.... 01) RCA Leads The Way (space mt) 02) We've Come So Far (space mt) 03) The Best Time of Your Life (CoP) 04) Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (CoP) 05) From Time to...
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    New WDW Tomorrowland BGM

    That's great to hear!! I wonder who was responsible for that! Give that guy(or gal) a raise!!!! what other tunes where in that line up?? DC-88 SPACELINER