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    DL Parade of Dreams Music

    Sorry, im not too computer literate! Can you dumb that down a bit please!
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    DL Parade of Dreams Music

    A.B.M.D.P - whats this?
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    Fantasmic Soundtrack

    Z?rpman where do you reckon I could get hold of the Disney-MGM Studios version with the surround sound?
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    I know of a theatrical company who are using Disney music in their shows, by recreating them - I have many samples available - am I best to keep quiet or do I tell Disney? If so, who do I contact PM ME ONLY please Thanks
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    New DLRP Christmas CD released

    I bought the 'La Parade De Noel' CD from DLRP a month or so ago, but I don't have the 6th additional track! If anyone would send me it, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have Parade of Dreams!

    I wouldn't mind a copy! But I aint willing to give away original discs as was requested, quite happy to e-mail songs through though!
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    "Celebrate With Us" GREAT SONG!

    Just done a search on Bearshare for you Rick, but nothing! :-[
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    Disneyland Resort Paris New Year Song file is there - It will be up for 24 hours.
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    Disneyland Resort Paris New Year

    Tracks - Track 3 - End half of the song Track 17 - End half again Ending in Track 2 - The BBMAC Song. I will put it on my website later today for people to download.
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    Disneyland Resort Paris New Year

    well the CD came and it is off the CD - it's 3 parts mixed together - made a version of it though using the music and going by a video I had of New Year - its Fab! Thanks!
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    Buffalo Bill - DLRP

    any ideas where you reckon I would be able to get my hands on one? or know anyone who is willing to sell? or do me a copy. willing to pay.
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    Buffalo Bill - DLRP

    Hello all, Hope your all well. Does anyone know if a soundtrack to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show has been made or is going to be? If so does anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy? Thanks David
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    Disneyland Resort Paris New Year

    Brilliant...thanks very much. Just ordered the CD
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    Disneyland Resort Paris New Year

    Hello member here! love Disney music! I want to know...does anyone have or know where I can get the music Disneyland Resort Paris use for the countdown to their new year. It includes speech along the lines of 'When you see the natural sky darken and your aware...' cant remember the...