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    Sad news today

    I believe WDW and DL Forever were tied-in with Red Dot??? Maybe Disney thinks they should own the process from start to finish for max profitability. That's cool with me as long as they bring it back.
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    Randy Was On HSN Disney Art Classics Show

    I saw him too. I was channel surfing when I saw the Disney cd's and Randy. Didn't know what Randy looked like, but it only took a minute or so for me to figure it out. I already had all the music, but it was fun to see Randy.
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    Disney Bootlegs

    SteveS is correct. Reproductions of officially released material equals pirate. Circulating otherwise unavailable to the public material means boot.
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    Favorite Old School Epcot Song

    Re:Best original EPCOT SONG Although Veggie Fruit Fruit is big around our house, I had to go with Listen to the Land. Great theme songs are sorely missed at Epcot.
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    Welcome to the New Discussion Forum!

    Hey Trent it looks great. Congrats on a really great job, and on the big event June 1st!