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    Pirates DVD

    Here are the Easter Eggs: Pirates Cave Construction clip: Insert Disc 2. Select the "Fly On The Set" option at the main menu. Highlight the "Play All" option and press Right, Right to highlight the skeleton's tooth. Press Enter to watch the "Pirates Cave Construction" clip. Pre-production...
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    O/T piece of score music from 24 up!

    How about I just keep replying to the thread about the lion king dvd rips, then?
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    O/T piece of score music from 24 up!

    No piece of score music from 24 have ever been released (to my knowledge). Go here to download ->
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    Lion King DVD rips #9-#13

    Go here to download ->
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    First song from Lion King 1 1/2

    I would post it, except for the fact that I don't buy the sing along DVDs.
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    Lion King DVD rips #3-#8 posted & tracklist (long post)

    File Details lk-africa: Length - :30 File Size - 707KB Bit Rate - 192kbps Mono/Stereo - Stereo lk-asia Length - :30 File Size - 708KB Bit Rate - 192kbps Mono/Stereo - Stereo lk-australia Length - :30 File Size - 708KB Bit Rate - 192kbps Mono/Stereo - Stereo lk-europe Length - :30 File...
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    Lion King DVD Menu Rips #1 & #2 UP!

    These are from Disc 2 the main menu. One has dialog the other is instrumental. I will post a new batch every thrusday (night). Go here -> , its under the files section, folder named For FILES WILL NOT BE REPOSTED
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    O/T WDW went from $1.5 billion to 100 million!

    They said since, they lost so much this year, they will advertise more (like mission:space). Honestly did they ever think instead of rising prices every year, they should drop prices!!
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    The Lion King DVD..Where did you buy it?

    Walmart ;D . If you want to get Disney DVDs cheaper (by $5) go to any other store besides the Disney Store. The Disney Store is always $5 more!
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    VOTE - When should DVD rips be released?

    The menu music on the DVD has never been OFFICIALLY released on any CD. I mean the EXACT edits with dialog and without the dialog have NEVER been released.
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    Lion King - "Morning Report" ADDED!

    At my Yahoo Group (, under the files section.
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    Lion King - "Morning Report" ADDED!

    I added the new song from The Lion King DVD, called "Morning Report". The file name is: lk-morningreport.mp3 . You MUST right click, save target as, to download the music. Please vote in the other topic, as to when I should start uploading 2 more files from The Lion King DVD. Details for the...
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    VOTE - When should DVD rips be released?

    I started ripping the menu music from the Lion King DVD. When should I release the music? a) every 2 weeks b) every month c) other (you decide) The menu music runs for about :30 seconds, should I loop them a little longer. a) yes b) no
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    Do you want this re-ripped to stereo??

    Yes I will post it there. I will post a topic here, when new stuff is available.
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    Where Magic Lives (STEREO!) Link INSIDE

    Here is my yahoo group -> . You have to be a member to download files. If your not a member just sign up, its FREE. Click on "Files", the files is the last one called "wdw2003plannerdvd.mp3". This will be up for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!
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    Do you want this re-ripped to stereo??

    Its NOT uploaded, yet. If several people reply to this topic that want it, then I will upload it.
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    Do you want this re-ripped to stereo??

    I forgot to mention, I have not fully explored the Lion King DVD. I most likely rip the menu music and maybe the new song added to the movie.
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    Do you want this re-ripped to stereo??

    I can now re-rip the Walt Disney World 2003 Planner song "Where Magic Lives" to STEREO! The previous rip I did was mono. If there are several people, who want it, I will upload it to my Yahoo Group. It will be there for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I host other files for my web site on there!
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    Park Music Loops :)

    This is the correct list for Pizzafari At Animal Kingdom 1 The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2 Tie Me Kangaroo Down 3 Yellow Bird 4 A Whale of a Tale 5 Octopus' Garden 6 The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room 7 Baby Elephant Walk 8 Rockin' Robin 9 Black Bird 10 Ol' MacDonald 11 Skylark 12 Mister Ed 13 Puff...
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    "Where Magic Lives" Music ID?

    The MP3 floating around that is 2:12 is my rip! I ripped it off the WDW Planner DVD. Do you have aim, I can send it to you. The first part has the lyrics and the second part is instrumental. Title: Where Magic Lives Length: 2:12 Bit rate: 320K/bps File Size: 5.05MB