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  1. eyore

    Premium Membership

    Ouch, that's a rather big jump in the cost of premium membership :eek:
  2. eyore

    Big Thunder Mountain

    Does anyone know which parks play the same area loop for this? I know the DLRP one and the WDW one but does DLR play the same as WDW?
  3. eyore

    Disney to Buy Lucasfilm

    Now this is interesting! Mickey, Meet Yoda: Disney to Buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion This opens the door to a lot of new material for Disney in the parks. For good or bad? Not sure.
  4. eyore

    Silver Spur Steakhouse - Unknown Tracks

    We are working on the loop for the Silver Spur Steakhouse and we are stuck on the titles for the last two tunes. The loop is all Disney produced and these do sound familiar but just can't get the names. so I'm linking to two youtube clips in the hope that someone here will recognise them and...
  5. eyore

    Where's Me Sidebar Gone?

    I (by accident) closed down the sidebar on the forum page right side (showed comments, latest blog entry etc). Anyone know how to get it to show again?
  6. eyore

    Last Chance Cafe [DLRP]

    I'm wondering if this partial playlist jogs any memories. It plays in a tiny serving area at DLRP at the Last Chance Cafe. The exterior (covered) seating area plays the Frontierland movie themes loop. It's possible it also plays inside the Lucky Nugget Saloon when the live acts are not on but...
  7. eyore

    Rish Ross Resigns

    Well, another top Disney name leaves the room. Rich Ross the head of the movie studios has fallen on his sword after John Carter of Mars has become Disney's biggest flop of all time. Having seen the film and having read the books as a youth, I'm not surprised. They tried to get far too much in...
  8. eyore

    Speed Changes to Loop Music

    Just thought I'd ask this one and see if there is a logical answer. I've noticed that often there is some variation to the speeds of loop tracks when compared with the sources. Recently it was pointed out that one of the tracks in our Frontierland playlist was well over time (Big Country from...
  9. eyore

    Playlist Newport Bay Club

    eyore submitted a new playlist: Newport Bay Club Read more about this playlist...
  10. eyore

    Robert Sherman Passes Away

    So sad to read about this. We've lost someone who gave us so much.
  11. eyore

    Main Street, U.S.A. Area Music [2012]

    I don't seem to have heard about this (maybe I missed it). Are they really replacing the Main Street USA loops?
  12. eyore

    Playlist Temple du Péril

    eyore submitted a new playlist: Temple du Péril Read more about this playlist...
  13. eyore

    Disneyland Hotel [DLRP]

    The Hotel Disneyland at DLRP has a mmusic loop for the main reception area and the overhead walkways. It's clips from the OSTs of various Disney films and is slightly unusual as it's a vocal loop rather than just the music. Unfortunately it was playing far too low (and very high up) and also...
  14. eyore

    Tarzan Pre-show [DLRP]

    I was at DLRP last week and watched the Tarzan show. For 20 minutes before the show started they played some Disney classics but not by the original artists. The songs included Circle of life, baby mine, you'll be in my heart and Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah. Obviously sung by a younger generation of...
  15. eyore

    Casa Mexicana [DL]

    I've been told that the current loop for the Fuente Del Oro restaurant at DLRP is very similar to the loop that used to play in the Casa Mexicana restaurant at Disneyland until it closed on April 1st 2001 (nice date to pick). The listing for the DLRP restaurant is here...
  16. eyore

    Blue Lagoon Restaurant [DLRP]

    Anyone got a good ear for marimbas? For some years now we have been trying to decide if there is a loop for the interior of the Blue Lagoon restaurant in DLRP (it's located inside the POC) but we've not actually eaten there since collecting the playlists. DavidG was sure he heard tam tams or...
  17. eyore

    Strange Things are Happening

    Don't know if it's my PC, the forthcoming changes or whether it's supposed to do it but when I put the mouse over the site logo, it flips to an upside down / position. :blink: Is it just me?
  18. eyore

    Saratoga Springs

    Over on "another" site, someone was asking what one of the tracks was in the Saratoga Springs loop. I don't know the loop(s) myself but they described the track as being the Beatles "Because" (based on Moonlight sonata played backwards). Seems an odd one to have in that location if it is that...
  19. eyore

    Big Nelly [DLRP]

    [Split from topic 4249 Theme Park Audio Pr0n —Admin] I hope DLRP picks up on these. Last year (while asking a CM from the ride about the fate of the workings of Big Nellie from the carousel) they told me it was all on a single CD that they played. Still, I suppose that's a step up from the...
  20. eyore

    Yo Ho - What's This Version From?

    I'm posting a link to a short clip of a vocal version of Yo-Ho, a pirate's life for me. I have this from my video of the Dumbo ride in DLRP from June 1992 (6 weeks after the park opened). At this time, the loop for the ride consisted of general Disney music rather than the circus music used now...